Breece Hall: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know

Breece Hall: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know
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  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 215 Lbs
  • College: Iowa State
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Running Back


Breece Hall has the ability to be at the top of the running back class come the 2022 NFL Draft. The explosive player has proven to be one of the most productive and best running backs in college football, whose career is on the rise.

Hall has already won a myriad of awards and honours while at Iowa State. Being named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and a First Team All-American in 2020. He also finished sixth in the Heisman Trophy race and was a nominated Doak Walker Award Finalist.

Born in Wichita: Kansas, Breece Hall attended Wichita Northwest High School. After an impressive couple of years that saw him rack up over 4200 yards and become a 4 star recruit, Hall committed to Iowa State ahead of a multitude of other offers- passing up colleges such as Michigan, Tennessee, Iowa & Nebraska.

It turned out to be a great decision. In just 2 seasons at Iowa State, Hall managed to amass 2469 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns. Add his 432 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns, Breece Hall has cemented himself as one of college football’s finest

Breece Hall is a refined and explosive running back who has all the qualities to be a high level starter at the next level.

Watch the video below which shows Hall’s creative vision and superb skills.


  • Patient Runner
  • Contact Balance
  • Tackle Breaker
  • Three Down Back
  • Explosive

Breece Hall is a true impact player. He has the ideal size that teams look for in a three down running back; and that is exactly what Hall is. He has the qualities to be a bell cow running back – he does everything well and has little flaws to his game.

Hall’s key trait is his creativity. Hall is an enterprising and resourceful back whose vision may well be the best in this class. He is extremely instinctive and decisive, plus Hall’s ability to spot gaps and hit them is exceptional. He is a hole filler who is always in control.

His arsenal of skills means his creativity in short spaces is startling. This burst and explosiveness, with the short shift and change of direction, makes him extremely difficult to tackle.  

Another of Hall’s biggest strengths is his contact balance. Hall is a super tough and physical back who can ride through most tackles. His optimal frame and size means he can absorb contact and can bounce off tacklers.

Hall’s natural power and athleticism means he has the strength to fight and win through traffic and punish opposing defenders.

Once Hall is in open space, he is plenty quick to get the job done and is remarkably elusive. He possesses a good armory of skill moves to keep defenders guessing. He has a strong stiff arm, a decent spin move and a sharp change of direction. When he is tackled, Hall falls forward picking up extra yards.

He also shows plenty of patience as a runner, but can turn on the acceleration to explode into the second level. He simply has to be accounted for on every play. Hall’s patience is effortless and refined and is essential to the success he brings.

Hall is an explosive play waiting to happen, whose ability to create something out of nothing makes everyone around him better. 


  • Speed
  • High Mileage

There really are no glaring concerns in Breece Hall’s game. He is a polished and cultured back who really can do it all. But, there are a few areas in which Hall may be wanting to show more. 

One area that Hall must improve if he is to cement his place at the top of this class, is his receiving role. Despite showing decent skills, his role as a receiving back has not been adventurous or beneficial to say the least. 

On top of his 21 rushing TDs, he also received 2 touchdowns in 2020 – showing he can have success when catching out of the back field. But, it is not something he has been asked to do a lot of.

It may not be Hall’s biggest strength, but if you can get him in space he will be functional and serviceable as a receiving option, he just needs to be given more opportunity to produce in this area.

For NFL running backs the ability to catch out of the backfield is an important trait and Hall will be looking to add this to his stellar CV. Hall also hasn’t shown a lot in pass protection either – an area he can certainly target going forward.

Hall also doesn’t possess the home run speed that we will see from some other running backs in this class. His speed is plenty quick, but he isn’t guaranteed to take it to the house every time he is in open space. Some NFL defensive backs and even some linebackers will be able to catch him. But, that isn’t Hall’s game and he has plenty of other ways to win.

Another area that may unease NFL scouts is the amount of miles Hall has put on the clock. He carried the ball 279 times in the 2020 season, on top of his 186 carries in 2019. He has seen an incredibly high volume of snaps while at Iowa State and a big workload like that will inevitably take its toll. 


Hall is a dynamic and productive running back, who should be highly sort after when it comes to him being drafted. 

He is a player who has very little concerns and NFL scouts won’t anguish about much.

Yes, Hall could do with becoming a more refined and diverse receiving threat, and yes, he has accumulated a lot of air miles. But, his explosive and dynamic playmaking skills makes those around him better.

Hall’s frame is prototypical for a three down running back in the NFL and when combined with his brilliant contact balance, tackle breaking ability, patience and explosiveness- there really is not a lot to dislike! 

NFL teams should be satisfied that Hall can succeed at the next level and prove a valuable addition to any running back committee. 

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Image Credit: Iowa State Cyclones

Video Credit; Thanks to Sport Productions & ESPN College Football on YouTube.

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