Jahleel Billingsley: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Jahleel Billingsley: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 230 Lbs
  • College: Alabama
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Tight End


Jahleel Billingsley is not your traditional tight end. He follows the new wave of tight end that is now embraced by the NFL. A mismatch receiver who causes divergence for defences. There is a lot to love about Billingsley’s game.

Born in the Windy City, Chicago: Illinois, Billingsley attended Wendell Phillips Academy High School. He was then recruited by Alabama after being labelled a 4 star recruit by all 4 major analysts.

Billingsley became the first player since 1997 to be recruited out of Illinois by Alabama. After choosing them over other major programs like Florida, LSU and Ohio State. 

Billingsley has been used as a versatile weapon by the Crimson Tide, but has yet to have his breakout season. With so much talent on the Alabama roster leaving for the NFL, now is the chance for Billingsley to show why he was recruited so highly.

A strong, quick and active receiver. Billingsley is poised for a breakout season.

Check out the video below which shows Billingsley receiving threat. 


  • Receiving Ability
  • High Upside
  • Catch Radius
  • Flexible Athlete

Jahleel BIllingsley is exactly the type of tight end the NFL is moving towards. A tight end who is super athletic and rangy, but can excel as a receiver and elevate an offence to the next level. 

A silky smooth runner who has positive footwork, while having flexibility and physicality as an athlete, is always going to be rated highly.

It’s Billingsley’s receiving prowess that makes him such an appealing player. He runs smooth and fluid routes and is able to cause mismatches all over the field. He is physical at the catch point and he has really strong, active hands. Billingsley also has tons of versatility having lined up all over the field.

His rangy frame and long arms mean he has an insane catch radius and he can catch balls that would simply be rendered uncatchable for most. At the catch point he plays tough and physical and he is able to create generous separation. 

When creating separation, Billingsley has the speed to be a mismatch over the middle and his effortless athleticism will make him a quarterback’s best friend. Substantial speed and athleticism hold tremendous value when you are a receiving tight end and Billingsley has it in buckets. 

Not only is it his speed that makes Billingsley a top player, but, he has the skills to separate during the route and in traffic. He can plant his feet strongly, has an instant change of direction and he sells fakes really well. He turns his opponents inside out during routes and after the catch.

After the catch, he is difficult to bring down. His speed and size make him an absolute menace for opposing defences to handle. 

He has also shown he has multiple ways to win; having had success in contest catch situations, into traffic and as a possession receiver. 

We will come on to blocking in a moment, but for now, Billingsley is more than willing as a blocker. He shows the effort and enthusiasm needed at the position, but also the physicality. 


  • Sample Size
  • Blocking
  • Power & Strength
  • Weight

We mentioned briefly that Billingsley shows really good effort as a blocker. But, sadly we have not seen much more than that. 

With Billingsley being lean and underweight for his position, he would need to add at least another 20 lbs if he was to be able to get up to the standard of blocking we see from some other tight ends. 

It is this lack of weight that means he struggles being effective as a blocker when lined up in line. It is difficult to envision him ever being anything other than serviceable in this department.

When he lines up inline he really does find it hard to generate enough power to sustain any blocks. His slender frame and lack of mass means it is difficult to see him as anything more than mediocre. 

His strength won’t stoke fear into the opposition – but his receiving capability might! 

Saying this, he does show some flashes as a blocker. Of course helped by his eagerness and intensity, but they do mostly come in the run game. If he can get a run up and get to the second level before having to initiate the contact, he does show some potential. 

Then comes Billingsley’s sample size. He simply hasn’t been exploited at Alabama to his full potential. It is understandable. With players like Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and Najee Harris being drafted in the first round over the last 2 years, there has been a lot of mouths to feed. 

20 catches for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns is simply not enough for scouts to work with. But, with the above talent now applying their trade in the NFL, we should see an increased role for Billingsley.


Jahleel Billingsley is such an intriguing, but also exciting prospect. It is easy to see how his skills and traits will lead to success at the next level. 

Billingsley’s biggest asset is something we have not witnessed yet – and that is his upside. He possesses a great amount of potential and has the highest ceiling of any tight end in college football.

Currently, Billingsley is all projection. Although we will expect him to be a more utilised weapon at Alabama in the future, it is easy to see how his traits transition to the NFL.

Billingsley projects and translates as a reliable and explosive receiving weapon in the NFL. But, he does have some way to go to convince anyone of his blocking ability. 

That’s okay though, Billingsley follows in the steps of the trend setters at the tight end position and his talent as a pass catcher simply can not be ignored.

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Image credit: RollTide.com

Video Credit: ESPN College Football YouTube Channel

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