Kyle Hamilton: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Kyle Hamilton: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’4” 
  • Weight: 220 Lbs
  • College: Notre Dame
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Safety


Kyle Hamilton is a unique, generational talent who is one of the blue-chip, can’t miss players in the 2022 NFL Draft.

A safety has not been drafted in the top 3 picks since 1991. When the Cleveland Browns selected Eric Turner at #2. Kyle Hamilton has the talent and ability to repeat that and is worthy of a top 3 selection.

Kyle Hamilton comes from a line of athletes. His Father, Derrick, was a professional basketball player. Derrick Hamilton was drafted in the 1988 NBA draft, but never signed a contract. Although he never made it in the NBA, Derrick Hamilton had a long career in Europe. 

It meant Kyle Hamiton was born in Heraklion, Greece. Before being raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Hamilton went to Marist School in Brookhaven, where he was recruited as the #10 player in the nation by 247Sports. Interest in Hamilton was high and he committed to Notre Dame ahead of other big programs like Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State & LSU.

In his freshman year in 2019, Kyle Hamilton started all 13 games, being named an Athletic All-American. In 2020, Hamilton would be made a Bednarik Award Semi-Finalist. As well as earning First Team honours from PFF, USA Today, AP & FWAA, in his sophomore season. 

Then as a junior in 2021, Kyle Hamilton was made a team captain and has become one of the best players in all of college football. 

Kyle Hamilton can do it all. You can make the case that he is the best player in the entire 2022 NFL Draft. As a generational talent, Kyle Hamilton has the ability to define the safety position for the next decade.

Watch the video below which shows Kyle Hamilton’s exceptional ball skills, intelligence and athleticism.


  • Athleticism
  • Versatility
  • Intelligence
  • Ball Skills
  • Tackling

Players aren’t built the way Kyle Hamiton is. An elite, freaky athlete, whose size is fantastic. He is high waisted and lanky, his arm length gives him huge range.

Hamilton is such a smooth and dynamic athlete. He has speed to burn and he has the acceleration to move sideline to sideline. He has the range to cover the whole field and his change of direction is explosive. Hamilton runs with long powerful strides, but has the shiftiness to stick with routes and be elusive when chasing down attackers.

Hamilton doesn’t only run with power, he plays with it too. He shows immense strength in every aspect of the game. 

When dropping into the box, Kyle Hamilton is able to play the position like a linebacker. He is an excellent downhill runner. As a blitzer, He is quick and elusive enough to find open gaps. His tackling is again elite. He can wrap up runners and is a hard hitter with a violent impact. 

Kyle Hamilton is also super versatile. He has the ability to cover like a corner and the physicality of a linebacker. Hamilton will likely be used best as a free safety given the licence to hold a free roam role, where teams will be looking for him to simply play the ball. 

Lastly, we come to Kyle Hamilton’s best traits. That is his awareness and intelligence. His football IQ means he is simply quicker and better than anyone on the field at processing and acting on his instincts. His play recognition is phenomenal. You never see him be indecisive or make the wrong decision. It is almost like Kyle Hamilton knows where the ball is going before receivers. He pounces on any indecision and affects the ball on every down. 


  • Control
  • Positional Value

It is almost impossible to pick faults in Kyle Hamilton’s game. He is as NFL ready as they come at the safety position. Picking any faults really is being unjustifiably analytical. But, there are spots where Hamilton can still develop.

While Kyle Hamilton’s ability to read the quarterback’s eyes and aggressively make plays is one of his best traits, it does mean he can play a little out of control at times. It means he may be more susceptible to RPO’s and play action where he can be sold by fakes. 

This is something that he should be able to clean up easily. With a little NFL coaching it won’t impact how he is viewed. What Hamilton has you cannot coach into players, you would sooner teach him how to manage it better.

First off, Hamilton’s versatility is an asset. But, how will teams decide to use him? The answer should be in the same way as he has been at Notre Dame. He has been able to play everywhere and to a high level. He is able to impact the play on every snap. Hamilton would benefit from a defensive coordinator who is of similar mind. Being based in a 2 high safety scheme which will allow him to have a free roam type role.

Also Hamilton’s production has been good, but not elite. Part of that is offences are keeping the ball as far away from him as possible. It is understandable when dealing with such an elite prospect. 

The problem comes when trying to justify taking a safety as highly as Kyle Hamilton deserves. The safety position, historically, does not fair very well when it comes to being picked highly. But, Hamilton is the best safety prospect we have seen in a long time.


Kyle Hamilton is a generation talent. The term generational can get thrown around a little too much, but we just do not see prospects at the safety position this elite in so many aspects of the game. 

Quarterbacks come around every year, we get a good pass rusher almost every year. It is quite easy to argue that Kyle Hamilton is the best safety prospect we have ever seen. Kyle Hamilton is the definition of generational

In terms of talent Kyle Hamilton is a top 3 player in this NFL draft class and is absolutely deserving of being picked that highly. It is also possible, due to the undervaluing of the safety position, that Kyle Hamilton slips down the board and if he starts making his way past the top 5, someone is getting a steal.

How good of a prospect is Kyle Hamilton? Let us know over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_ 

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