Top 10: Ninety-Nine Yards own 2021 top 10

Top 10: Ninety-Nine Yards own 2021 top 10
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Top 10 – Ninety- Nine Yards 10 most viewed articles of the year

Everybody loves a list. A top ten always seems to get people talking. So what if we took a look inwards? Then we could take a look at what the most popular articles were that were published in 2021 on the Ninety-Nine Yards website.

It would be an interesting Christmas experiment to see just what our readers pick up on the most. What will it be? Let’s take a look.

Top Ten – number 10

College football is very popular. A fact not lost on us when looking at our top 10 most popular articles of the year. Sitting in 10th place comes a scouting report on Aidan Hutchinson courtesy of Stuart Taylor.

For those interested in how college talent will be assimilated into the NFL, this college draft simulator is a lot of fun. Be warned – it can be come quite consuming drafting and re-drafting for your team and the league!

Number 9

What was that we were just saying about college football being popular? Alongside that people clearly like a good talent evaluation for NFL talent. Because the very next hit on our list comes from Owain Jones and is another scouting report. This time taking a look at Mississippi State’s Kylin Hill.

Number 8

OK, we can see a pattern emerging now. Because at number 8 is another scouting report! This one coming via Mark Jeffrey. In July he was taking a look at the talents of Cincinnati cornerback Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner.

Number 7

Did we mention how popular college football and talent assessments are yet? Because we should be making a big song and dance about it by this point. Not least because in sixth place, Owain Jones is back with another scouting report. This one dates back to July as well and covers Iowa State running back Breece Hall.

Number 6

The first half of this list is rounded out by another scouting report. It’s Owain Jones again. He has been very productive in this field in 2021. So it must be good to know that people were wanting to take a look at what he had to say about college talent.

At number six sits a report on the talents of Purdue DE George Karlaftis.

Top ten – number 5

It is at this stage we started to wonder if there was anything in the Top 10 that wasn’t a scouting report. (Spoiler alert – there are non college related articles in the top 5!).

But sitting at number 5 is another scouting report. This one dates all the way back to January 2021. And comes once again from the ultra productive Owain Jones. It’s a report on then Florida Gator TE Kyle Pitts. A man described as having a high floor and a high ceiling by Owain has certainly had an impact in Atlanta as a rookie.

Number 4

This is it – the last one. 70% of our top 10 most read articles for 2021 were scouting reports. But they did not crack the top 3 most read articles. Those one offs below however cannot disguise how popular the scouting reports have been. Excellent work from all involved.

Fittingly, to round out the scouting report list it’s another from Owain. This time he was taking a look at Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux.

Number 3

In third place on the list we have something new. We are moving away from the college game, and instead, going to the biggest game in the CFL calendar.

A look at when the Grey Cup had run into overtime from your humble list aggregator (Chris Lawton). This one felt all the more timely. Because even though it came in April it now feels like it was anticipating the latest Grey Cup game – which was only the fourth to go into overtime.

Number 2

One place from the peak and we have something relating to the Super Bowl. Rather than looking at a specific game this is another Top 10 list nestling within this Top 10 list!

This one is a look at the top ten super bowl passer rating performances of all time. You might be surprised to learn that Tom Brady is only on the list once – and only with Tampa Bay. If you know your Super Bowl history you probably know who sits at number one. But, if not, it might surprise you.

Top 10 – number 1

The top 10 number 1, sitting proudly at the top of the list is this gem from Adam Barton, – Is Matt Ryan Done in Atlanta? This one generated lots of views, interest and debate.

The article was only published in November too. Which goes to show just how much it struck a chord. One of the latest articles on the list and yet also the most viewed article of ours published in 2021!

Image: Is Matt Ryan done in Atlanta sits atop our 99-Yards Top 10 list. Image from

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