Trevor Lawrence – what’s going wrong? by Rory Bishop

Trevor Lawrence – what’s going wrong? by Rory Bishop
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With a quarterback who showed so much promise, aptitude and understanding of the game at a college level, Trevor Lawrence’s rookie season has not started where his college season finished. Only winning two games to date, one in London where the Jaguars beat Miami 23–20 in what was a very closely contested match up and against Buffalo 9-6 again a real shoot out.

He has to date completed 336 passes in 570 attempts gaining just over 3,418 yards giving him a total completion percentage of 58.9%, throwing for just 10 touchdowns.

Where does the blame lie?

I really believed the hype in Trevor Lawrence, in college he won 41 straight games and won 2 state championships and four region championships, coming into the draft he looked like real pedigree and maybe he was going to shine bright at the Jaguars.  This simply hasn’t been the case, but I don’t think the fault is his to bear alone.   I honestly believe given the right tools Trevor Lawrence could shine and turn the tide for the Jaguars.

The team did lose a couple of key players early in the season to injury: D.J Chark JR with a broken ankle in week 4 and Travis Etienne to a foot injury during preseason although having said that only having 2 carries for 3 yards it’s difficult to see what type of difference Etienne can make.

There have been a number of distractions as well surrounding Urban Meyer and his antics off the field and having an interim head coach upset the rhythm of the team.

How to fix the Jaguars

Firstly and maybe the most important thing is keeping Trevor Lawrence happy and hungry for the 2022-2023 season.  Secondly re-signing Chark JR, who is coming to the end of his current contract. The Jaguars need to look at depth maybe invest in another good receiver and where possible a running back. I believe, the defence once jelled together will look good next season and with some offensive work and giving their QB1 some confidence in his own abilities the Jags could go a long way and certainly improve on this season.

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