Why the Steelers will win the Super Bowl by Rory Bishop

Why the Steelers will win the Super Bowl by Rory Bishop
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Big Ben’s last dance

I sat on my sofa on Saturday night and watched the Steelers take on the Ravens as a complete neutral on the game and I found myself increasingly wanting the Steelers to win. The old romantic in me wanted Ben to have one last hurrah. Ben Roethlisberger is one of the old guard (well not as old as Brady) entering the league in 2004 and signing a 6 year deal with Steelers. He would go on to lead Pittsburgh to win 2 x Super Bowls and 8 x AFC championships. Up to this point he has had quite the career which is why on Sunday I didn’t want it to end against Baltimore on a 3 point kick, I wanted to see where his career would end. Turns out he wasn’t quite done, it feels like we are going to watch Big Ben’s last dance on Sunday against Kansas City.

TJ Watt vs Patrick Mahomes

I don’t think this playoff run ends for the Steelers at Arrowhead on Sunday night and that, I think, will come down to a very impressive linebacker in TJ Watt. All season TJ has been hot, tying the single sack record against Baltimore to 22.5 sacks in a season. We all know that Patrick Mahomes likes to run, dive and duke but honestly I believe he will not get the opportunity on Sunday.  The speed off the line by TJ is phenomenal, my only concern is he is currently dealing with cracked ribs which may slow him down although with the adrenaline and what is at stake this may not cause an issue for him.

Why the Steelers win it all

Simply put I think hunger and determination will be the deciding factor in Sundays game, Ben has time and again shown grit when the chips are down. Mike Tomlin will have planned this out and how to contain KC’s young QB. I think experience from the team management and players will see the Steelers advance through to and eventually win Super Bowl 56. Let’s see how this plays out on Sunday – watch this space!

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