Bowl Hopes In Buffalo

Bowl Hopes In Buffalo
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Let’s go Buffalo! Continuing our ongoing series I look at why the Buffalo Bills can go all the way to Super Bowl LVI. Let’s get thing started and look at the reasons why they’ll be lining up in Vegas on February 13th.

Defence Wins Championships

The Bills defence is really good, despite not getting the hype that some of the larger market teams. They are one of only three teams to have more interceptions (12) than passing touchdowns allowed. In fact, the defence is so good the passing defence ranks as the best in most pass defence categories, including yards allowed, receptions allowed, receiving touchdowns allowed, completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating.

Ed Oliver has become a disruptive force and Tremaine Edmunds is the standout at linebacker but there’s no shortage of playmakers on this team. This is especially the case in the secondary. In the secondary, Jordan Poyer is a start who deserves more recognition and he combines with Micah Hyde to form one of the league’s. Best safety combinations.

The Gunslinger

Josh Allen is a star in the league. The young Bills quarterback and former Wyoming star is a majestic talent who has thrown for 36 touchdowns and 4407 this year despite playing with largely unknown receivers. He is somewhat of a risk taker at quarterback and won’t just take the easy check down when there’s a tougher chunk play further down field. Watching Allen reminds me of Brett Favre.

However, the Bills offense is at its best when Josh Allen is allowed to move in the pocket and run the ball too. Allen is a bowling ball of a runner at 6’5 and 237 lbs. He’s adept at moving the chains with his feet and has an impressive 6.3 yards per carry average and over 763 yards.

Magic Connection

There are some quarterback pairings that just to have a psychic link; Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, Jim Kelly & Andre Reed or Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams. In the cold of Buffalo they have their own impressive combination. Josh Allen and Stefan Diggs have combined for another strong season with 1225 yards and 10 touchdowns. Diggs speed and route running ability coupled with Allen’s ability make for an ideal partnership that should come up big in the playoffs.

Running Into The Cold

Buffalo in the cold is a tough place to play and the Bills start at home in what could be minus 13 degree. Whether it’s the cold of Buffalo or a frosty reception from opposing fans a efficient running attack is essential in the playoffs.

Buffalo’s rush game is much better than it was a year ago. Devin Singletary and Zack Moss have combined for over a thousand year and they have been making plays all year behind and impressive offensive line. The use of Singletary since Week 15 especially stand out. In fact, he’s averaged 19 carries and 80.8 rushing yards

Momentum Carries

The Bills started to heat up in December and that momentum could carry them all the way to Vegas. After some mid season hiccups, Buffalo finished the season playing their best football. They won their last four games and will come into the playoffs on a hot streak.

Perhaps more so than last year, when the Bills were the clear class of AFC East, this battle hardened Bills team are hitting full steam at the right time, more confident that they can overcome what’s thrown at them throughout the playoffs.

It’s for these very reasons that we could well be shouting “Let’s Go Buffalo” come Super Bowl Sunday.

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