Superbowl: People should remember the Titans

Superbowl: People should remember the Titans
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Firstly, did any of us think the Tennesse Titans would have the number one spot heading into the Superbowl play-offs and have a bye into the second week? But they could easily be our Superbowl winners this year.

However, they have proved they can be the real deal and Ryan Tannehill is once again looking like he’s been given a new lease of life. Yes, their game against the Houston Texans was ropey, but they got the victory and are now the no.1 seed.

Yes, they do not have the superstar names like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers but that does not mean they don’t have the capabilities to put in a good run for the Lombardi trophy.

They are being overlooked in the bookmaker stakes with the Packers, Chiefs, Bills and Buccaneers all ahead to become the overall winners.

Mike Vrabel’s injury ridden team still managed to gain the No.1 seed and now they are getting healthy.

There’s always a chance Derrick Henry, who is coming back, could steal the show in any game let alone the playoffs.

AJ Brown is also helping things along but if all things go as planned, they will have to overcome Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers or Brady’s Bucs for people around the world to see the Titans as Superbowl winners.

A top Titans defense for the Superbowl

But without showing all the routes to the trophy, they arguably have the best defence in football as they always find a way to break down passes as interceptions and fumble recoveries.

They gave up only three points against the Chiefs, who are heavily favoured over the Titans, and 16 against the Los Angeles Rams.

And we cannot forget, Tannehill is a good quarterback. While he hasn’t been “great” this season, he’s stayed consistent which is what you need your main man to do.

This weekend’s game will not be easy when they take on Joe Burrows and the Cincinnati Bengals, but the chance of reaching their first conference championship game berth since 2019.

This should hopefully see a great game in store for the neutrals.

The Titans will be hurting from their one and done losses to the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round in their last two opportunities as a No.1 seed, but, their voodoo is out so they can really spring a good run with all the pieces of the jigsaw coming together.

And as coach Bill Yoast once said – Vrabel’s Titans could easily make sure they remember, forever, the night they played the Titans, leaving no doubt in their opposition’s minds they are in this for the Superbowl.

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