NFL Draft 2022: NFC West Team Grades

NFL Draft 2022: NFC West Team Grades
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As we review the 2022 NFL Draft we will be giving out team grades for all 32 teams, going division by division. 

We of course won’t know how these drafts will plan out until the players take to the field but here we grade each draft upon how we evaluated each player.

Here are our NFC West team grades.


Arizona Cardinals – B+

Studying Colorado State tight end Trey McBride
Image Credit: USA Today
  • #55 – TREY MCBRIDE – TE – Colorado St
  • #87 – CAMERON THOMAS – DE – San Diego St
  • #100 – MYJAI SANDERS – DE – Cincinnati
  • #215 – LECITUS SMITH – IOL – Virginia Tech
  • #244 – CHRISTIAN MATTHEW – DB – Valdosta St
  • #256 – JESSE LUKETA – LB – Penn St
  • #257 – MARQUIS HAYES – IOL – Oklahoma

How you grade the Arizona Cardinals draft will come down to how much you liked their 1st round trade for Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown, as he is reunited with college teammate Kyler Murray. Then the Cardinals added yet another weapon for Kyler Murray by drafting Trey McBride in the 2nd round. With Kyler Murray wanting a new contract, this was clearly an attempt to keep him happy. On Day 2 Cameron Thomas and Myjai Sanders will both be useful players for Arizona. The Cardinals needed to add on the defensive line and both players will have a chance to be good productive players. The Cardinals also got 2 steals in Jesse Luketa and Lecitus Smith on day 3, who we were high on.

Los Angeles Rams – C

2022 NFL draft: Logan Bruss dreamed of playing for Rams
Image Credit: USA Today
  • #104 – LOGAN BRUSS – OL – Wisconsin
  • #142 – DECOBIE DURANT – CB – South Carolina St
  • #164 – KYREN WILLIAMS – RB – Notre Dame
  • #211 – QUENTIN LAKE – S – UCLA
  • #212 – DERION KENDRICK – CB – Georgia
  • #235 – DANIEL HARDY – DE – Montana St
  • #253 – RUSS YEAST – S – Kansas St
  • #261 – AJ ARCURI – OT – Michigan St

How are you supposed to grade a team who hates draft picks? Well that isn’t strictly true. They may trade away all their valuable early picks but they do usually draft well with their day 3 picks.

Kyren WIlliams is a running back we like. He had some bad athletic testing but he has a chance to be productive for the Rams entering that RB room. Safety was a position of need and the Rams front office has clearly tried to attack it. Let’s see if it works out. Derion Kendrick is also a player we like going on day 3. He has had some noteworthy off the field issues which saw him slip. If the Rams are happy he has matured he could end up being a good player. 

San Francisco 49ers – C

team grades - Drake Jackson
Image Credit: USC Athletics
  • #61 – DRAKE JACKSON – DE – USC
  • #105 – DANNY GRAY – WR – SMU
  • #172 – SAMUEL WOMACK – CB – Toledo
  • #187 – NICK ZAKELJ – OT – Fordham
  • #220 – KALIA DAVIS – DT – UCF
  • #221 – TARIQ CASTRO-FIELDS – CB – Penn St
  • #262 – BROCK PURDY – QB – Iowa St

While the 49ers draft doesnt look as bad on paper, there is some notable over drafting. Drake Jackson’s value may have been about right. But, Tyrion Davis-Price is an extremely bold call whose draft value translated to being drafted much later. Averaging under 3 yards per carry, he lacked explosiveness, burst and elusiveness on tape. The same goes for SMU wideout Danny Gray. A 3rd round pick feels steep especially with how the board fell. He is a speedy receiver but he has some big drops. Spencer Burford is a good pick up while there is also a lot to like about Tariq Castro-Fields and Kalia Davis later on.

Seattle Seahawks – A

Cross - team grades
Image Credit: The Clarion-Ledger
  • #9 – CHARLES CROSS – OT – Mississippi St
  • #40 – BOYE MAFE – DE – Minnesota
  • #41 – KENNETH WALKER III – RB – Michigan St
  • #72 – ABRAHAM LUCAS – Washington St
  • #109 – COBY BRYANT – CB – Cincinnati
  • #153 – TARIQ WOOLEN – CB – UTSA
  • #158 – TYREKE SMITH – DE – Ohio St
  • #229 – BO MELTON – WR – Rutgers
  • #233 – DAREKE YOUNG – WR – Lenoir Rhyne

The Seahawks came into the 2022 NFL Draft having to attack the offensive tackle position. Well, they may well have just drafted both their left and right tackle of the future. Charles Cross is a steal at #9 overall and Abraham Lucas has a chance to be a really good RT in the NFL. He is polished and consistent. Boye Mafe had a chance of going in the 1st so he is a really good pickup too. It is questionable whether the value for Kenneth Walker was there for Seattle after they resigned Rashaad Penny. Walker is a really good player but there were lots of good prospects at premium positions that the Seahawks could have attacked.

On day 3 the pick of Tariq Woolen was absolutely fantastic. Having only recently transitioned to CB from WR, with some good coaching, he could be a really good player.

How would you grade the NFC West draft classes? Let us know over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_ 

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