Manchester Titans win Britbowl XXXIV

Manchester Titans win Britbowl XXXIV
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Manchester Titans win Britbowl XXXIV

It was a titanic result at Britbowl XXXIV as the Manchester Titans upset the defending champion London Warriors 37-7 to claim their first national championship.

Last time Manchester had a national title winning team was in 1989-90. When the now defunct Manchester Spartans were top of the pile.

The Titans trace their roots back to 2003 and prior to this win arguably their most successful season was in 2017. When a 9-1 record translated into 46-23 win over the London Olympians in a national league title game and promotion to the premier divison of British American football.

Now 2022, the year they won the top division may well be their greatest moment.

They got here by soildifying a 21-7 hafltime lead. Another major score in the third frame and a field goal and pick six in the fourth rounded out an emphatic victory for the new champions.

Titans of the game rock a dynasty

The Titans were proud to put the trophy on their twitter account.

This is huge result in the Britball world. The Titans win over London is only the Warrior’s second title miss in the last eight years.

Going into the game the Warriors were two time defending champions. As well as appearing in eight of the last nine Britbowl games they had won six of the last seven national titles.

Only missing out in 2017 when they were not in the title game. The last time the London Warriors lost in the Britbowl was in 2012 when the London Blitz defeared them 36-15. With the win the Titans have become only the fourth team to win the UK title since 2008.

The nature of the Titan’s emphatic win begs the question – are these teams tredning in opposite directions? Manchester have ascended to the top of the Britball scene with this emphatic win. Whilst London, who have lost players to Europe and seen coaches move away will face the challenge of rising again.


Since winning the title in 2017 to be promoted to the Premier Division the Titans have had a high degree of success. A 35-7 combined record from 2018-2022 (with a cancelled season in 2020) has seen them make semi-final appearances in the playoffs as well as take this title.

If this is the start of their own run and they could pick up another title they would compare favourably with the likes of the Leicester Panthers or the Manchester Spartans.

Teams like the London OlympiansLondon Ravens and the Birmingham Bulls have all had periods of domination in the past, but perhaps only the Olympians can point to a period of sustained domination akin to that of the Warriors before the Titans ended their run in such dramatic fashion.

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