Bryce Young: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know

Bryce Young: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know
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  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 194 Lbs
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Alabama
  • Year: Junior


Bryce Young is one of the leading names in the 2023 NFL Draft class and is competing to be the first player taken. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner has displayed so many characteristics which translate into accomplished NFL starters, so it is easy to see why many are naming him the top quarterback prospect.

Born in Philadephia, Young moved to Pasadena, California as a child where he attended the well-renowned Mater Dei High School. Young went on to have a distinguished high school career which saw him named 2019 High School Quarterback of the Year. He passed for over 13,500 yards and over 150 touchdowns in his outstanding high school career. He was so acclaimed that he was a 5-star recruit and named the number 1 overall recruit by 247Sports. Originally Bryce Young had committed to USC before later deciding to commit to Alabama. 

As a freshman, Young shadowed now Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, making the odd cameo as Nick Saban looked to give the freshman college experience. 

2021 saw Bryce Young take up the starting role and ended with him setting the single-season record at Alabama for passing yards and touchdowns. It lead to Young being named the Heisman Trophy winner as the most outstanding player in college football. 

Entering 2022 Bryce Young was firmly on the radar for NFL teams and with all his production and promise he looks set to be an extremely early pick in the NFL Draft, destined for a date with the NFL. 

Take a look at the video below which highlights why Bryce Young is such an intelligent, skilled and sharp quarterback prospect. 


  • Athleticism
  • Decision Making
  • Accuracy
  • Arm Strength


For Young, his ability all starts with his athleticism. His athletic ability gives him the base to be an outstanding creator both inside and outside of the pocket. He has the anticipation to slide up into the pocket when pressure arrives. But, when the play breaks down he does have the awareness and skill to escape the pocket effectively. He is able to run outside of the hashes, picking up extra yards with his feet if needed, but, he can also buy his receivers time by using his instincts to create off-script. 

Young has excellent footwork and movement, where his feet are always active. He is deceptively slippery to make defenders miss and escape sacks. While his overall twitchy and swift athletic ability allows him to slow the game down and play with control.


Where Bryce Young really excels is in his elite accuracy and decision-making. He has fantastic instincts and anticipation, where he seems to have a telepathic connection with his receivers. His ball placement is insane. He is able to place the ball in the exact position it is needed so that defenders can not make a play. Whether that be high, low, or waist height, he is able to anticipate and make the correct throw.  Young reads the field extremely well, he is able to go through his progressions decisively and what is key is he does not look to do too much. He takes what he is given and remains calm under pressure. He rarely looks to force the ball or overcomplicate.  

Arm Strength

When it comes to Young’s arm he has ample arm strength. He is able to power the ball towards the sidelines and maintain his elite accuracy into tight windows. When throwing the ball downfield he is able to do so with great touch. Using his intuition to foresee separation while creating separation for his receivers to maximise field position with yards after the catch ability. When needed Young also has the arm talent to make throws from multiple arm angles. Giving him the ability to make plays in most situations. Young’s mechanics are also extremely good and on point. He is able to plant his foot to drive the ball and he also has a fast release which helps him create and put velocity on the ball.


  • Size

With Bryce Young the size concerns are real and they are undeniable. 

Alabama currently has him listed as 6’0” exactly, but there is little doubt that he will measure under that. Alabama also has him listed as 194 lbs considerably lighter than what is expected of a genuine NFL quarterback talent. To put that into perspective the rough average for NFL quarterbacks is around 6’2 ½” and 225 lbs.

Not only is he small his frame is also slight. His slender body creates serious durability concerns and although it thankfully has not been an issue up until now, no doubt NFL teams will be apprehensive. 

These size issues are clear on film. He looks tiny compared to those around him both in height and body mass. 

Outside of his size, Bryce Young can leave clean pockets too early. Sometimes that is necessary because the play has broken down, but, also sometimes it is strategic. Rolling out of the pocket limits the field and makes decision-making easier. But, sometimes it is him rolling out too early that causes the play to break down when it was unnecessary to do so. 

Also, although Young does go through his progressions extremely well, he can get caught waiting on certain reads at times. He can get away with that at Alabama because his receivers find ways of getting open, but he will not get that much time if he ends up with a less dominant receiving core at the next level. 


Bryce Young will be and deserves to be in the conversation for the number 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

He has all the arm talent, decision-making, accuracy, athleticism, production and mentality you would want from an early quarterback selection. If it wasn’t for the size concerns Young would likely be spoken about as a rare quarterback prospect talent and would be spoken about on the hype levels of Trevor Lawrence. 

The pre-draft process will be dominated by discussion of Bryce Young’s size, but don’t let it deter from the fact he is a gifted, bright and promising quarterback prospect who will be drafted at the top of the 2023 NFL Draft.

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