Trenton Simpson: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Trenton Simpson: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 230
  • College: Clemson
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Linebacker


Trenton Simpson is a linebacker prospect who is extremely versatile while displaying amazing key, fundamental traits which will see him be a top prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Trenton Simpson is the son of Command Sgt, Maj. Timothy Simpson. Trenton Simpson’s father served in 17 overseas tours with the Army between 1994 and 2021. Simpson says he owes his dedication and discipline to his father. 

Simpson attended Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, where he started his career as a running back before playing both RB and LB. After a distinguished career on both sides of the ball, Simpson was a 5-star recruit and the #13 overall player in his recruiting class, as well as the second-best linebacker. Simpson had originally committed to Auburn before having a change of heart and committing to Clemson in December 2019. 

During his time at Clemson, Trenton Simpson has impressed as a versatile linebacker and has got national acclaim. Earning all-conference selections.  

Entering the 2023 NFL Draft, Trenton Simpson will be talked about extremely highly as one of the top players available at any position. With his combination of size, speed, strength and unrelenting effort, Simpson looks destined to hear his name called on the opening day of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Watch the video below which highlights some of Trenton Simpson’s (#22) most exciting plays and shows how versatile and exciting of a prospect he is.


  • Versatile
  • Athleticism
  • Physical
  • Field vision
  • Anticipation

Trenton Simpson is used as a moving chess piece in the Clemson defence. He truly is able to contribute in so many different ways due to his combination of size, speed and physicality. Simpson is as versatile as players come, so much so that Clemson has lined him up all over the field. He can lineup at the line, in the box, in the slot and in the backfield. 


Simpson’s combination of strengths means he will be able to match up with any position in the NFL, which is a great asset to have. His ability to rush the passer on one play and then matchup against a tight end in coverage from the slot on the next play is extremely impressive. 

Trenton Simpson thrives when he is in coverage where he can use his range and sideline-to-sideline athleticism to disrupt plays. When asked, Simpson can blitz and rush the passer from the outside. He is successful in his endeavour and has the skill moves to be more than effective.


Simpson is a player who has elite athletic ability. his extreme athletic ability means he can cover ground with power and immense speed. He is more than explosive enough to generate fantastic burst out of his stance, but also to launch into tackles. Simpson is active on every play, where he has strong footwork and excellent short-area quickness to be impactful on every down. 


You combine this athleticism with Simpson’s physicality and you have a player who generates extensive power. His speed and toughness mean he can fight through traffic when in coverage and when rushing and it shows up in his run defence. Simpson is able to shed blocks and chase down runners with mighty force. He is able to chase down any offensive player with his furious energy and tenacity.

This all stems from him being an extremely high motor player. His desire, endeavour and intent are admirable on every play. This physicality also shows up with Simpon’s tackling ability. His great size, speed and willpower mean he is an extremely consistent and effective tackler. 


What really stands out about Simpson’s game is, not only does he possess the athletic traits and size but he also has the mentality and awareness to make him an outstanding prospect. He is able to read plays correctly, reading the quarterback’s eyes on passing downs and shutting down plays. He seems to understand the role of every player on his team on every play and he reads and adjusts his play accordingly. 


  • Hand usage to shed blocks
  • Could add weight

For as versatile and exhaustive as Simpson’s play is, there are some areas in which he could still improve. 

Simpson can get overly aggressive with his body control. He can launch into tackles instead of using his hands more effectively. This is especially evident when tackling, where he can spring into tackles, sometimes off his feet where he can give away leverage. Also with his hand usage, Simpson could get off his blocks quicker. He can get caught with his hand placement too wide meaning he has to recover and loses out on time. 

Simpson could also benefit from adding some weight to aid his play strength. While Simpson is consistent as a tackler if he added some weight it would allow him to reinforce and fortify his tackling ability.

It is also notable that due to Simpson’s aggressive and invading speed he can overshoot some of his gaps and angles. Finding himself beyond his man when attacking the line of scrimmage, especially against more nimble running backs and quarterbacks.


Trenton Simpson is a rare player who has the ability to do everything you would need a linebacker to do at the next level. His versatility, speed, physicality and awareness will be converted at the next level. 

Simpson is a linebacker who flourishes in coverage where he can stick with all manner of offensive players. He displays fantastic range and agility to line up anywhere in a defence and can even drop into the box and rush the passer. 

It is easy to project Simpson into a starting NFL linebacker who will have success for many years. He will be scheme versatile although if you can get him in a 4-3 front where he can be asked to use all of his talents, he will perform at a high level for years to come.

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Image Credit: USA Today

Video Credit: Sports Production YouTube

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