Miles Gorrell CFL Iron Man

Miles Gorrell CFL Iron Man
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Miles Gorrell CFL Iron Man

Whichever way you slice it, Miles Gorrell had a remarkable career in the CFL. If you look up individual CFL records you will find he played in 321 games. Which puts him 6th all-time. A fact that becomes all the more impressive when you consider he was an offensive lineman.

Above him on the list are three kickers, (Lui Passaglia, Bob Cameron and Paul McCallum), plus two quarterbacks (Damon Allen & Anthony Calvillo).

But Gorrell is the first lineman on the all-time list. To play in the trenches and rack up that much playing time you have to be something of an Iron Man. (No not that one!). Someone who makes durability their trademark, and he certainly did that.

To add to that air of durability – he rarely missed a game and that includes a run from 1986 to 1996 where he played in 197 of 198 potential games. As well as 162 of 162 regular season games between the 1998 & 1996 seasons.

For the first five years of his career he was with the Calgary Stampeders, before spending time with the Ottawa Rough Riders and Montreal Concordes. Gorrell was named a divisional all-star five times over the course of his 19-year career.

He arrived in Montreal in 1982 to play for the Concordes and picked up East Division All-Star honours in 1983 and 1984. Whils there he anchored an offensive line which allowed Dwaine Wilson to lead the CFL with 1,083 rushing yards in 1984.

The greatest successes come later on

Perhaps his greatest successes came in the  latter part of his career. With Hamilton from 1996 to 1991 he was named East All Star again in 1986, 1988 & 1989. A further four years with Winnipeg would follow before a return to the Ticats.

The six-foot-eight, 285-pound Gorrell earned a Grey Cup ring in 1986 with Hamilton. As well as appearing in the Grey Cup games in 1989, 1992, & 1993. The latter two coming in Winnipeg.

Gorrell was also named All-Canadian OT in 1989 and CFLPA most outstanding offensive lineman in 1993.

It was something of a gift for Hamilton in 1985 when Mnotreal realeased him. If they thought he was done they were very mistaken. Mr durable had some great years to come.

As you would expect, he is in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Banner Image: A Miles Gorrell trading card from his time in Winnipeg. Image from cflapedia.

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