Joey Porter Jr: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Joey Porter Jr: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 194 lbs
  • College: Oregon
  • Year: R-Junior
  • Position: Cornerback


  • Long, physical press corner
  • Extremely long. Has insane arm length.
  • Has all the size teams will look for
  • Long arms mean he is extremely disruptive at the catch point. Has a great radius in which to disrupt the ball
  • Physical competitor
  • Great in coverage where his size and athleticism blankets receivers
  • Is comfortable working on his own island.
  • He is patient at the line and has the instant reaction to stay with his man. 
  • Is versatile enough to play man or zone. 
  • Has active quick footwork to stay with receivers in their routes
  • Is an effective tackler 
  • Can come downhill and get after more elusive receivers
  • Has good play recognition and instincts. Is proactive in his awareness of routes and isn’t afraid to act on it
  • Is smooth and fluid in his body control
  • His hips flip with ease with little compromise to his footwork or tracking ability
  • At the catch point, he displays the ability to be disruptive and he can jam his arms in throwing lanes to get pass breakups. 


  • Is not a twitchy athlete.
  • Needs to be able to use his physicality to win
  • The physicality with his hands can get over aggressive sometimes and he can get grabby which he will not get away with in the NFL. This happens when he gets beat at the line and he doesn’t have the explosiveness to stay with them
  • His current play style will produce penalties at the next level.
  • Has nowhere near the production he should have. He has left too many interceptions on the field and he will need to improve this. He needs to start turning pass breakups into INTs
  • Will struggle to stick with fidgety, twitched up receivers in the NFL 


Joey Porter Jr works best where he can get after receivers, in press coverage which allows him to get his hands on receivers and use his physicality and length to negate any potential threat. Porter will need to be put in a scheme where he can be a press man corner in the league where he can use his physicality, size and strength to win. Porter will enter the NFL with plenty of pedigree due to his father’s NFL career and will be a dependable #2 corner in the NFL. 

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Image Credit: Mark Selders/Penn St Athletics

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