Who wears it best? Lions and Stamps both have a new look

Who wears it best? Lions and Stamps both have a new look
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Who wears it best? Lions and Stamps both have a new look for 2023

“You either know fashion or you don’t.” So said Anna Wintour. Which means already some of us will instinctively know whether the new looks touted by the BC Lions and Calgary Stampders are any good or not.

But do they care what we think? Probably enough to want to make us part with our hard earned cash to pick up a replica jersey at the very least. For every one of us that aren’t seeing beauty in the new fits, they will still be hoping to sell to those who see it differently. They can rely on the Alexander McQueen approach from buyers, “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” 

To be fair, I don’t think either team has produced anything ugly. But we have to beware. For every uni/kit that goes on to be hailed as a much sought after vintage classic, others are remembered less than favourably. Depsite all the verbiage that sits alongside a new shirt/look reveal for sports teams these days.

For example, you can almost hear the words bold colour palette forming on the lips of ad execs referring to the infamous Norwich City ‘bus seat’ third strip of the nineties.

Who wears it best? The two new looks – BC

It is not really standard practice to compare new looks like this. Especially for two teams with very different primary looks. And yet here we are. Two looks being launched in relatively rapid succession invites comparison really.

The Lions were first. Introducing their new home and road looks on April the 12th. The Lions are changing the primary colour of both jerseys, switching from orange to black at home, and white to grey on the road. The team’s logo will remain unchanged.

Black has served as the primary home uniform colour at various times throughout the BC Lions’ history, though they have worn orange at home for most of the last two decades.

Last year the much loved gun metal jerseys returned. Now they are making black their primary home colour. But keeping the orange accents quite prominently. As the only team to feature orange in the league, that is something they should hang on to.

The new black home jersey and grey away jersey of the BC Lions. Image from dailyhive.com

The new look has been well recieved generally among Lions fans. At least if the buzz on social media is anything to go by.

The players love it too it seems. “Look good, feel good, play great. I love them,” said starting quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.

So what about the Stamps?

Who wears it best? The two new looks – Calgary

The Stampeders introduced their new look for 2023 on the 18th of April. Less than a week after the Lions? How could we not compare them?

The home kit is a retro inspired look that harks back to the red and white kits adopted for the 1948 season. That look went down in history.

Because in 1948 the Stampeders became only the second Western Division team to win the Grey Cup. They did so on the back or a remarkable 14-0-1 season. The Stamps had gone 12-0 in the regular season. Their only ‘blemish’ came in a 4-4 tie with Saskatchewan in the first game of a two leg Western semi-final.

To this day the 1948 Stamps remain the only undefeated team in CFL history. So why wouldn’t they want to rock a look associated with so much success?

The Stamps new look has a retro feel in the home kit. Image from cflnewshub.com

That look returned in 2021 as Calgary celebrated their 75th anniversary. That look saw them wearing shirts with a red base with red and white stripes on the shoulders, reminiscent of what the team wore from 1948 to 1952. It also included the logo the team wore from 1945 to 1971 on the sleeves.

Now they have a retro look combined with the modern horse logo on the sleeve. While the away look inverts the red and white combo.

The Stampeders also have a bit of history with a black look for the Labour day classic. Last year they introduced the sixth version of the Stampeders’ black jersey. All of which date back to the 1994 Labour Day game.

Now the new look for 2023 has the red home shirt, the white away look, and the black third strip for Labour Day.

Who wears it best?

If you are a fan of any team you hold your breath when they announce a new look. Will you love it? Will you hate it? Or, could it even go on to be regarded as a classic.

The reason there is such a strong market for vintage replicas is their timelesness, and for many as a way to step away from fast fashion. But if the teams do get it right, and the fans connect with a look, you get profit and bond all in one.

The question is, who wears it best here? Two looks coming out so close together. Each representing their own team. Which is better? Let us know in the comments below!

Whatever people choose, the good news is we are getting closer to seeing these kits in action on the field as the 2023 CFL season approaches. #IsitJuneYet

Banner Image: The BC Lions new home look – black and orange. Image from dailyhive.com

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