Comeback in the Hammer: Jeff Reinebold is back with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Comeback in the Hammer: Jeff Reinebold is back with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
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Comeback in the Hammer: Jeff Reinebold is back with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

One of the UK’s favourite faces in the CFL, Jeff Reinebold is proving he makes more comebacks than Frank Sinatra. Which I say, tongue firmly in cheek, because our favourite CFL coach, (on this side of the pond), Jeff Reinebold is returning to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats .

Reinebold has a wealth of coaching experience. Including sixteen years in a variety of roles in the CFL. He has an impressive CV. Including in the 3 down game. Which has covered stints with the BC Lions, (1991-1993, 1996, 2018). Time with the legendary Las Vegas Posse (1994). And stops in Edmonton (1995), a two-year stint as head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1997-1998) and one year as defensive coordinator of the Montreal Alouettes in 2012.

But in recent years he has been most connected with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Runners up in the 2019 and 2021 Grey Cup games. He was with the Ticats in a variety of positions from 2013-2021 with his one year stop off in BC in 2018. Having Reinebold who is so well known on the UK American Football scene with the Ticats will give some Brits a sense of connection to the team and to the league.

Now, the Ti-Cats have announced their staff for the 2023 season, and Jeff is back in the Doughnut Box. Most recently, Jeff was working as Director of Player Development at the University of Hawaii (2022-23), alongside former Tiger-Cats quarterback Timmy Chang who is the Head Coach at Hawaii. 

Why does it matter?

You might wonder why we would track the signing or movement of one coach. Plenty of others are signing or moving on after all. We do it because Jeff has a connection with the UK fan base. He has been involved with NFLUK live tours. As well as covering the NFL on Sky Sports. He can even occasionally be seen at an NFL viewing party in the UK.

Jeff is a recognised and respected face for UK football fans. For me he can be a gateway for NFL fans who take a casual interest in the three down game. If they know Jeff is coaching at a team they might be a little more intrigued.

A few years ago I started writing about the CFL. When the 2017 CFL season kicked off I tried to get some UK-based NFL fans on board. Among the best-selling points I thought would be football in June, fast, fun action and a familiar but different game. One major selling point had passed me by however. Then people started asking questions about the Ticats and Hamilton in general. It took me a while to realise – but for some UK fans testing the CFL waters this was down to one man – Jeff Reinebold.

Jeff Reinebold will be a special teams & defensive backs coach with global connections. His time in NFLEurope, plus time working for Sky Sports in the UK and his #coffeewithcoach question and answer sessions give him unique perspectives.

He is well aware of global and emerging talent. A fact reinforced by him being behind the first points ever scored by a global player in the CFL.

Jeff Reinebold – A European Connection

Jeff has had a wide and varied coaching career in the college and pro ranks. But of particular interest to us is his time in the CFL and NFLEurope.

Jeff joined the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe in 1995 for one season, before returning for another stint with the Fire in NFL Europe from 1999 to 2000, picking up a championship in a World Bowl 2000 win.

From 2001, Jeff accepted a role as Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach with the Amsterdam Admirals spending three seasons with the team.

Judging by the reaction online, Reinebold will be very welcome back in ‘the Hammer’. Or as Jeff himself would no doubt say on his twitter account: MAHALO TIME TO GO TO WORK. If you’ve ever seen his enthusiastic block capital laden account you’ll know what I mean!

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