Enjoy some ‘free down football’ with the CFL

Enjoy some ‘free down football’ with the CFL
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Enjoy some ‘free down football’ with the CFL

It is time to enjoy some ‘free down football’ with the CFL. The long wait is over for CFL fans. Tonight (9PM BST) we will see the first preseason game of the 2023 season as the Calgary Stampeders welcome the Edmonton Elks.

It’s always exciting when the teams start taking to the field again. Doubly so for UK based, and other global fans this year. Becuae the league has announced the arrival of the league’s first-ever live streaming platforms: CFL Preseason Live and CFL+.

I am calliing it free down football a litle tongue in cheek, as for those who don’t know, the CFL game only has 3 downs. All you need is a verified email address to access these platforms. Once that is in place you are up and running. Which means that from 9PM tonight – you can be watching free CFL football, (free down football if you will), from your devices.

All 9 preseason games will be available, free in this manner for international fans. Giving you a chance to scope out the teams, and perhaps pick a favourite prior to the season rolling around to kickoff in June. We also put together a team guide to help you pick the right team for you.

Free Down Football – some details from the league

“Through these platforms, we are prioritizing access and reach, while placing an added emphasis on building a more direct connection with our viewers”, said CFL comissioner Rany Ambrosie.

CFL Preseason Live will feature in-stadium video feeds and local broadcasting crews providing play-by-play and analysis. This will be available on desktop and mobile devices with no additional downloads or logins.

The new CFL+ streaming service will see game streamed live, once again available on desktop and mobile devices with no additional downloads or logins. For international fans, such as those of us in the UK market, that will mean access to all 81 regualr season games, the Grey Cup Playoffs and the 110th Grey Cup itself. The full international broadcast schedule is set to be announced prior to the season.

Banner image from press.cfl.ca

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