Toronto Argonauts look legit

Toronto Argonauts look legit
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Toronto Argonauts look legit

The Toronto Argonauts look like a legitimate contender for the 2023 Grey Cup in the CFL right now. Especially after they handed the BC Lions their first loss of the season at BMO field in this weeks action. An action packed 45-23 win was keyed by six interceptions. At 3-0 the Argonauts are left as the only undefeated team in the league.

Of course no one should be anointing a champion three games into an eighteen game regular season. But something feels different about these Toronto Argonauts. Cards on the table – I have been following the CFL since 2016, and the Argos are the team I support. In that time they have won two Grey Cups (2017 and 2022). But you could never say they have been dominant. In that period they have gone 42-62 in the regular season. Including going 8-28 from 2018-19.

However, since the arrival of Ryan Dinwiddie as Head Coach in 2021 they are on a 23-12 run that encompasses two East Division Final appearances and a Grey Cup win. In his first year they were 9-5. Last year they were 11-7 going into the postseason. But most people saw the 15 win Winnipeg Blue Bombers as the class of the league.

Toronto Argonauts – too soon to call changing of the guard

It is far too soon to call a changing of the guard in the CFL however. After all, the Toronto Argonauts may be 3-0 but they haven’t travelled to the really tough away games in the West yet.

All that being said, so far this iteration of the Double Blue looks good. If the Argos fans are looking for portents of any kind, then the last time they started 3-0 was during the incredible 1991 season. That year they went 11-7 and won the Grey Cup. Although it all rather fell apart after that. By 1992 they were back in the pack with a 6-12 season. None of which tells the full story of this amazing time in team history.

Right now though the Toronto Argonauts look stable. They have a solid running game, a young QB who is growing by the game, a great D-line, a ball hawking D, and special teams that have looked solid in everything but kick coverage.

The win against BC really was about complimentary football. The D created short fields, and the O scored 34 points after turnovers. While special teams sparked things with a return TD early on.

Will it last? Certainly they will remain unbeaten for another week as they are heading into a bye. After that it will be interesting to see if they can pick up their momentum.

But for now, supporters of the Toronto Argonauts are enjoying the rare recent feeling of being seen as the team to beat. As ever, it will be fun to see how this all plays out on the CFL fields across the season.

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