Ford focus of success as Elks win at home at last.

Ford focus of success as Elks win at home at last.
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Ford focus of success as Elks win at home at last.

Tre Ford was the focal point of a win at home for the Edmonton Elks that their fans have been anticipating for a long, long time. Ford, who had helped the Elks pick up their first win of the season last week looked sharp. He led the way going 15-of-18 passing, amassing 317 yards through the air and a touchdown. But he kept the Ottawa D honest too because he also ran 10 times for 74 yards and a touchdown.

While Ford was the focus of the 30-20 win, all three areas of the game had a part to play. This will be a huge relief to the Elks organisation and their fans. After all they have waited over 1400 days for this. Yes, you read that right! The team’s last victory at home came on October 12, 2019, against the B.C. Lions. 

Meaning that prior to this week the Elks had set an unwanted record. This is the first time they had started a season 0-9 in the team’s 74-year history. Worse than that, they had set a new CFL, and North American milestone for consecutive home defeats. They now own the record for most consecutive home defeats in the CFL (22). But things are finally looking up.

Ford leads Edmonton into the Labour Day Classic

The clouds have parted, and ths sun is shining for the first time in Edmonton for the longest time. Tre Ford is delivering, the team are on an actual winning streak. Hey, I know it’s only two games, but Elks fans would have taken this a few weeks back.

Incredibly, if the Elks win the Battle of Alberta against the 3-8 Stampeders, they would leapfrog them in the West Division! The Labour Day Classics are coming up, and as we have seen in the past, anything could happen.

As ever, it will be fun to watch it all unfold on the field.

Banner Image: Tre Ford led the Elks to a long awaited home win, but the D played their part too. Image from americanfootballinternational

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