A Message for CFL fans: Don’t throw away things you want!

A Message for CFL fans: Don’t throw away things you want!
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If you are a fan of CFL football then you probably think it’s an exciting game. It appears that playing the game can be quite exciting too. With that in mind perhaps it’s all too easy to get lost in the excitement of the moment.

Surely that’s a statement Hamilton Tiger-Cats safety Mike Daly (@DalyNews8 ) would agree with anyway.

He scored his first touchdown for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after intercepting a pass and going 58 yards for the final touchdown of a dominant 40-10 win over the B.C. Lions.

Blind Excitement

Daly scored that interception return touchdown on Saturday and then joyfully threw the ball into the stands, because he was so excited, only to later regret his decision.

He referred online to his ‘blind excitement’ in the moment & offered a signed jersey of ‘any player’ on the team to get it back.

The power of Social Media

As a result, a rueful Daly, appealed on Sunday to Hamilton fans online via his twitter account ( https://twitter.com/DalyNews8 ) to help him track down an unidentified “man in the brown coat” who had caught the touchdown ball.

His appeal was re-posted amongst fans on Twitter, made it onto Instagram and shared around a Ti-Cats fan group on Facebook. It only took a couple of hours from there to find the man who had it.

Daly kept fans and his online helpers updated on the search on Twitter. He was able to thank fans for their help stating “We got the ball back! Found the man in the brown coat thanks to you guys!”

He tweeted one final piece of online advice Sunday night: “Final Lesson of the day. Don’t throw away things you want.”

Wise words for Hamilton Tiger-Cat and the wider family of CFL fans and players everywhere. Hang on to your mementos and memorabilia!


Original image from cfl.ca

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