Week 5 Predictions

Week 5 Predictions
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Normality returned to the NFL in week 4 after the form book was ripped up in week 3. So what will Week 5 bring?

The writers at Ninety-Nine Yards have made their predictions for this weeks games. So read on if you want to find out the results of this weeks fixtures………

There are no easy games in the NFL but the following seven teams have been universally selected as surefire winners by the team; Packers, Chiefs, Panthers, Chargers, 49ers, Rams and Saints.

Beyond the above, the team are split on the victors of the remaining games. However, as we are a democratic bunch, we are going for the following teams to sneak a W in their games; Titans, Bengals, Ravens, Broncos, Steelers, Vikings and Titans.

And despite the Steelers being picked to win their game against the Falcons, don’t be surprised to see Atlanta ahead going into the final minute of their game.

Full predictions are:-

Titans @ Bills – Titans by 9

Dolphins @ Bengals – Bengals by 7

Ravens @ Browns – Ravens by 3

Packers @ Lions – Packers by 9

Jags @ Chiefs – Chiefs by 3

Broncos @ Jets – Broncos by 7

Falcons @ Steelers – Steelers by 7

Giants @ Panthers – Panthers by 8

Raiders @ Chargers – Chargers by 9

Vikings @ Eagles – Vikings by 6

Cardinals @ 49ers – 49ers by 6

Rams @ Seahawks – Rams by 14

Cowboys @ Texans – Texans by 6

Redskins @ Saints – Saints by 9

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