The Atlanta Legends

The Atlanta Legends
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For our second look at the teams in the new American Alliance of Football, we head to Atlanta.

The franchise pay homage to the many celebrities the Atlanta metropolis has produced. Legends is the result for the team name.

The Legends President David Livingston noted, “We certainly feel Legends is an appropriate nickname for a team associated with Atlanta – a city where legends are quite literally made.”

“So many great personalities, stories and interesting slices of Americana have come out of Atlanta over the years with one of the richest histories in the country. The name symbolizes a larger-than-life identity and, in many ways, our players and fans will embody that same passion each week in purple, gold and white. It goes beyond sports. The name covers Georgia as a whole. Its people persevere, they go big.

Whether it’s the agriculture, the majestic Appalachian Mountains, the jaw-dropping Atlantic coast or the importance in the Civil Rights movement, there is no disputing Atlanta’s connections to Legends of all kinds.


The team will play at Georgia State Stadium on the campus of the Georgia State University. Former NFL player and head coach Brad Childress will be the head coach.

Cartainly, the experience of Childress in the NFL will help him in the new league. Five years as the Minnesota Vikings head coach leaving with a 39-35 record. Under Childress, the Vikings made the NFC Championship game where they lost to the Saints.

Above all, Childress was happy to be back in football. Most noteworthy, he recognised what a unique opportunity coaching in the new league presented. “I’ve been privileged in my 30-year coaching career to be around some of the top coaching minds,” acknowledged Childress.

“When I was looking to put together my staff in Atlanta, I wanted to find a good mix of experience. This group of coaches in Atlanta have coached and played in the NFL and coached and played in Arena football. These coaches are going to give our players a great opportunity to excel at each of their positions.”


Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick is the Legends offensive coordinator. For that reason, Childress was keen to emphasis the team’s approach to playing.

“Offensively, we’re going to be a fast paced, up tempo variation of the west coast offense that Michael Vick played in and will now coach in, stretching people from sideline to sideline. Defensively, we’re going to be physical and aggressive. We’re going to have a fun brand of football for our Atlanta Legend fans.”


The team signed former Rutgers quarterback Kyle Bolin. He is excited with the thought of playing football again. “My blood started getting a little hot again. I was getting fired up with the thought of playing. When he offered me the contract, I jumped right on it and told him I’d love to do that.”

Marquise Williams, out of North Carolina is the other quarterback. Williams played briefly for the Canadian Football League.


The new league will hold a unique “Protect or Pick” quarterback draft on November 27. Because the league recognise the value of the quarterback position, the draft will attempt to bring some equality to that position within the teams.

The league initially allocates quarterbacks on a regional basis. Consequently, one team may have an edge. As a result, if they elect to keep a player, they “protect” him as their first selection in the draft. If they decide to “pick” a quarterback from another team, they must wait until every other team has made their decision.

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