BAFA Opal Series flag football update

BAFA Opal Series flag football update
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The fourth BAFA Opal Series flag football tournaments took place at the weekend. The results finalised the seeding for this Saturday’s finals in Sheffield.

In the North, the East Kilbride Pirates confirmed themselves as firm favourites for the finals by remaining unbeaten on the season. They edged their nearest rivals the Sheffield Giants for the second time with a 26-20 win.

In the South, the Coventry Cougars also stayed unbeaten. It’s looking very likely for a Pirates/Cougars final. The other teams will have something to say about that with plenty of football still to be played.

Opal North Won Lost Tie PtsFor PtsAg
East Kilbride Pirates      14       0       0       701       84
Sheffield Giants      12       2       0       682       61
Sheffield Hallam Warriors      10       4       0       427     257
Chorley Buccaneers       7       6       1       222     325


Opal South Won Lost Tie PtsFor PtsAg
Coventry Cougars      13        0        0       730         18
Hyde Park Renegades        9        2        0       336       173
Black Widows        8        4        0       255       147
Coventry Cougars Juniors        6        6        0       347       193

These are Saturday’s quarterfinals matchups:

East Kilbride Pirates vs Coventry Cougars Youth
Sheffield Giants vs Black Widows
Sheffield Hallam Warriors vs Hyde Park Renegades
Chorley Buccaneers vs Coventry Cougars

All are welcome to waych the finals at:
King Edward VII Lower School,
101 Darwin Lane,
S10 5RG

Above image of the Black Widows vs the Hyde Park Renegades courtesy @SteelUK

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