CFL Plays Santa: Schedule released

CFL Plays Santa: Schedule released
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The CFL is playing Santa. The 2019 schedule has been released. Giving out an early festive present like this appears to be becoming a new tradition for the league. This is the second year in a row the schedule has been released in the run up to Christmas. 

For the second year in a row too the pre-season kicks off in Edmonton. The Esks will face the visiting BC Lions on the last Sunday in May. Moving the season slightly forward last year was an experiment. It seems it was successful because the league is sticking with it for now.

The Grey Cup isn’t that far behind us. Thanks to this schedule release though fans are already looking ahead. I am sure across Canada plans for road trips, meet-ups, ticket purchase and more are already in full flow.

The CFL ran an article on what to look out for on the schedule for fans of each team. There are some interesting match-ups. The one date that really stands out though is the return of ‘Touchdown Atlantic’ in week 11. 

Touchdown Atlantic

A CFL game will be played in the Maritimes on August the 25th. The Argos will ‘host’ Montreal in an East Division contest. Details are limited about the game but it will be the first CFL game in the region since 2013.

This will be the first game presented by the Atlantic Schooners. A group of investors are busy trying to make the Schooners the 10th team in the league. A showcase like this will be highly beneficial as they engage in a season ticket drive looking to build support for the team.   

In a press release Argos President Bill Manning explained why Toronto was playing home team in this game. He said it was because, “we agreed to move one home game…to contribute to the momentum behind the Schooners’ bid to make a CFL dream come true by making ours a coast-to-coast league.”

Now the long wait for the 2019 season to roll round begins in earnest. As ever CFL fans will be looking toward the first regular season date and asking “Is it June yet?”

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