Welcome to the AAF

Welcome to the AAF
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On February 9th 2019 a new spring American Football League begins, the ALLIANCE OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL. 

Founded on March 10th 2018 by Charlie Ebersol and overseen by Bill Polion and Troy Polamaru with advisors Hines Ward and Justin Tuck the league will begin on February 9th 2019 and last for ten weeks, consisting of 8 teams in two conferences, the Western and the Eastern where the top 2 teams will qualify for the playoffs, and then compete in the final game, at Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas on 26th – 28th April. 

The teams in the Western Conference are San Diego Fleet, Arizona Hotshots, Salt Lake Stallions and San Antonio Commanders.

In the Eastern Conference are Atlanta Legends, Birmingham Iron, Orlando Apollos and Memphis Express.

Players were drafted in August 2018 at the Alliance Scouting Combine of which each team will have 50 players, compared to the NFL 53 man roster.

Compared to the NFL there are a few differences in the rules, instead of Kickoffs, teams will start play on their own 25 yard line, there will also be no extra points or onside kicks, instead teams will have to go for a 2 point conversion after a touchdown and replacing the onside kick, teams will scrimmage at their own 35 yard line at 4th down and 10, if unsuccessful the opposing team takes possession.

Will this league be a success, I hope so and I think it will.

My name is Carl E Fullbrook and have been a fan of American Football since December 1983, when as a child I first saw American Football on Channel 4 which had just started broadcasting in the West Country.

So by pure accident on a boring Sunday Evening at 6pm I flicked through the channels and saw this game with colourful uniforms and started watching and got hooked immediately.

That game was Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys with Theismann, Riggins, monk, Brown etc al.

But my team was Houston Oilers, probably because they were so bad and I felt sorry for them, but after they moved to Tennessee, I chose the Cleveland Browns and have supported them ever since.

And what a great first Superbowl it was for me, L.A Raiders vs Washington Redskins, a great game and that great Marcus Allen touchdown.


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