Three ways to improve Madden Ultimate Team

Three ways to improve Madden Ultimate Team
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While Madden players continue to leave the game as they complain it is getting worse, Ultimate Team seems to keep a large contingent of people fairly happy.

Though it still rakes in millions, if not billions, of dollars per year, that doesn’t mean it is the perfect product, far from it.

The dramatic drop in value in cards after one week, the same player having 10 different versions released before October, coming against cheese play after cheese play after cheese play, I could go on.

While this won’t focus on gameplay, that’s an improvement for Madden not MUT per say, below are three changes the mode could make to make it an even better product for players.

Card Longevity

There’s nothing worse than pulling a card in a pack, or buying one for 70,000 coins, only for it’s value to drop after a few days and the card becomes utterly useless.

Elites released in August should be able to start in your team the following July.

MLB The Show will release a diamond card at launch and the player will still be excellent 10 months down the line.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be better versions of that card released, of course there will be.

But that game has a system where the base card improves depending on how it’s real life counter-part plays – dynamic ratings would be a great system for MUT to introduce.

Mike Trout is a 94 overall player but is currently playing at 95 overall

So, if you pull a 87 Patrick Mahomes when the game is released and he continues his upward trajectory with the Chiefs when the season begins, his card will get better and may improve to a 90 overall by October.

The card stays expensive, you don’t need to release a Team of the Week version which plays exactly the same as the base elite card and the card gets more expensive, or cheaper, as the season goes on.

It also means you have to be smarter about the cards you sell and the team you build.

Perhaps that silver Albert Wilson you wanted to discard is having a good October and he is playing at a gold level, or the gold Dwayne Haskins hits the ground running in the NFL and his card gets rated in the lower 80s, making him elite in-game.

It would also help greatly with offensive lineman, meaning you aren’t scrambling around for the limited elite OL that are released at launch.

A Diamond Dynasty team with silver and gold cards playing above their rating

Moving to this model also means legends are exactly that, legends.

You can drop a 98 overall Peyton Manning anytime you want during the season and he will be better than 99% of the QBs in the game, simply because as a player he was.

Seeing a legend drop in September feels disheartening because elite modern players outplay some of the best players to grace the gridiron and that shouldn’t be the case.

Player stats on cards

Another one stolen from The Show, the game should keep track of the stats of the players you use both online and off.


If the Mahomes card I use has 4,983 yards, 33 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 22 games played, I want to know that.

Working out which cards I liked playing with shouldn’t come down to a feeling – it should be there in black and white.

Let me then compare those stats to the Russell Wilson elite I just picked up and tried out in a few offline challenges.

In The Show, I can go back and see how my players have fared and I am able to make a decision on whether the card has done well for me or not.

I shouldn’t have to guesstimate to how many yards and touchdowns the receiver I picked up for 76k has for me, or how many sacks my DE has in 10 games – Madden should provide that data for players.

Custom uniforms and badges

This is basically three things Madden should steal from MLB The Show but it’s a better game and one of the reasons for that is being able to create your own uniforms.

When playing online Diamond Dynasty, you come up against teams donning various jerseys, not just ones from the MLB.

NBA 2K has the same feature as well, why EA hates customisation in their games is beyond everyone who spends money on their product.

The added throwback and created team unis in Madden are fun but imagine building a stacked team and kitting them out in your own design, like the UGF Pandas unis or recreating the Miami Hurricanes or Clemson Tigers jerseys.


Ideally, they would follow the 2K and MLB model and allow players to create unis, logos and stadiums (2K allows you to create a court) all for nothing but EA only cares about the $$$.

So, knowing the developers they will want players buying different unis. So, have create a uniform template cards which you can pull from packs or buy for 100k a card, I would charge a lot less but I would never be allowed to work for EA, and people would be clamouring for the opportunity to custom build what they wear on a game by game basis.

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  1. FINALLY. Someone looking to save players money and stop EA from taking all our cash. The custom uni idea is one i’ve wanted for ages

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