A Muddle in Montreal

Sherman has one 5-13 season to his name in the CFL. Image from

It looks like there is real muddle in Montreal at the moment. Fans of the Montreal Alouettes will be wondering just what is happening going into the 2019 CFL season.

On the eve of the season they have “parted ways” with their Head Coach, Mike Sherman.

It is hardly an ideal way to kick off a new campaign. Especially for a team that as we noted in our season preview, have been struggling since 2013.

The Als have gone 21-51 over the last four seasons. Ultimately, Sherman spent just one season as head coach of the Alouettes, guiding the team to a 5-13 record in 2018.

Instability as Standard

Coaching isn’t the only muddle in Montreal just now. The Als are currently seeking an owner and being run by the league. It is hardly ideal. Because of their recent history though all this may not be so surprising.

Montreal are on their 7th coach since 2013. In fact we have only been reporting on the CFL for a short while & we have seen two changes.

According to 3downnation, “reports have surfaced suggesting that players weren’t happy with the way they were being treated by Sherman.”

Player power appears to have won out. Star defensive player Henoc Muamba may have summed it up best in a recent tongue in cheek tweet, saying after the events “Best sleep since I’ve been in Montreal!”

Reason for optimism?

Khari Jones will move up from OC to Head coach for the Als. Image from

No pro team wants to start a season with disruptions like this. However, some think there may be reasons for optimism in this move.

Newly appointed Head Coach Khari Jones may not be stepping into an ideal situation. But he is steeped in the CFL, a former league MOP & a man you feel players will respond to.

Jones becomes the sixth head coach in the league (DeVone Claybrooks in BC, Craig Dickenson in Saskatchewan, Jason Maas in Edmonton, Mike O’Shea in Winnipeg and Orlondo Steinauer in Hamilton) to have prior CFL playing experience.

Kavis Reed has hardly had stellar success as GM in Montreal but for fans optimism has to reign eternal. Let’s hope for the sake of Alouettes fans they have something to cheer about this year.

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Chris Lawton joined the team in 2017 and has been writing about the CFL ever since. He originally started following the NFL with the 'first wave' of fans when it was shown on Channel 4 in the 1980's. He has been a keen supporter of the Miami Dolphins since 1983. Chris first encountered the CFL in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the Canadian game. He has been writing about the CFL from the inception of Ninety-Nine Yards. You can find him on twitter as @CFLfanUK

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