Minshew Mania meets the London Media

Minshew Mania meets the London Media
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For many UK media, Friday marked their first experience of what has been dubbed ‘Minshew Mania’ by the Jacksonville press. The phenomenon is the result of Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II, who replaced injured starter Nick Foles following a Week 1 injury.For his part, Minshew has helped guide his team to a 4-4 record. He’s certainly exciting to watch and possesses some impressive mobility and improvisation skills to keep plays alive. Minshew, who has thrown 13 touchdowns with only two interceptions, laughed and told the media “It’s crazy to see the impact you have just by playing a game; people hear about you from all over – across the freaking pond and all that. That’s awesome. I’m excited to be out here and meet everybody and really just get to know the people out here.”

As with any rookie, their development throughout the season is key. When asked about this Minshew replied, “If you go back and watch that film from back then, you feel like you’re a different player. It feels like so long ago – just with the experience I feel like I’ve been getting in the offense and how much more confidence we’re playing with right now. As you go through these weeks and see these looks, it’s less, ‘Oh, God, what are they doing to me? Are they blitzing? Are they not blitzing?’ Now it’s, ‘OK, I’ve seen this,’ or if I haven’t, I understand how to stay within our plans and make it work.”There are negatives about Minshew’s play though. Whilst he’s not thrown many interceptions he’s still turned the ball over a significant amount. For Minshew, the turnovers have come through fumbles. In fact, he already has nine fumbles, of which he’s lost five.

The rookie signal caller is certainly making the most of his time running the offence. And he’s doing so with his own mix of humour and confidence. When asked if he had a Union Jack headband he simply smiled and replied, “Do I have one?” he asked with a laugh, adding to the gathered media, “I figured you’d have one for me.”

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