Late Round Gold?

Late Round Gold?
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With the draft a little over three days away now the anticipation is building. Fans are hooked in on who their teams should draft in the first couple of rounds. However, it’s often the picks in round three or below that can turn an average draft into a good draft and change good to great. These guys will be, at worst, role players and help make up the depth of a team.

With this in mind I was lucky enough to take part in a conference call with ESPN analyst and draft guru Mel Kiper Jnr. I’ve picked out his thoughts on some of the late round picks, from names to watch to key skills. Take a look who could be showing up for your team next season.


Jacob Eason, Washington Second round. “Has a rocket arm and imposing size. Needs to become more consistent from quarter to quarter.”

Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma. There are a lot guys now that are of ‘package quarterbacks early on in their career. “ Jalen Hurts as a rookie will be able to be that guy. Get him in as a rookie in packages, develop him.”

James Morgan, Florida International. “Transferred from Bowling Green. 6’4 with a nice arm. He can make the throws. Moves well in the pocket, very competitive, high football IQ and studies the game.”

Cole McDonald, Hawaii. “Has some arm talent. He made some really good throws on the crossing routes and hit the receivers in stride.”

Running backs

Anthony McFarland Maryland

Ahkmed, Washington

JJ Taylor, Arizona. Late round. “Can scoot, can catch the ball. Impressive tape.”

Mike Warren, Cinncinatti

Tight ends

Devon Assiassi, Michigan. “Underrated player who transferred from UCLA. Possible Day 3 pick.”

Harrison Bryamt, Florida Atlantic. Third or fourth round pick.

Zack Baughn

Ben Bartch, St Johns Minnesota. I think is “going to be a third-round pick. He’s a guy I’ve liked all along”.

Cameron Clarke, Charlotte. “Held his own against elite competition when he had a chance. He’s a guy that has a chance to make a football team and be a little better than advertised”.

Kyle Murphy “He’s a little bit of a guard/centre but I like the versatility”.

Matt Peart, Connecticut. “With is length. With is length, his athleticism. Now he’s a developmental tackle, he needs a bit of time, but he’s got a chance as a guy you get third/fourth round.”

Alex Taylor, South Carolina State. “Could be a nice developmental player.”

Wide Reciever

Lynn Boden Jr., Kentycky

Isaih Colter, Roade sland

Antonio Gandy-Goldman, Liberty

John Hightower, Boise State

Day 3

Dezmon Patmon, Washington State

 K.J. Osborn, Miami. His return skills were good, I liked what I saw of him when he was at Buffalo.

James Proche SMU. Made acrobatic catches at SMU

Darques Watkins, Southern Miss. Ran 4.36 at the combine

Defensive Tackles

Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma. Third Round. “As a three-technique he has the quickness to be a factor over the centre. He does a lot of things. He can wear a lot of hats for you because he’s got a lot of talent. He’s a kid who’s powerful, who tested extremely well and he’s an athlete. He can run like no other.”

DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State. Late Day 2.+

Rashard Lawrence, LSU. “He’s the kind of guy, in a rotation, I’d like to have him on my team.”  “I like some of the tape on him. For a 310 pounder he moves well. You’ve got to have production at the line of scrimmage, you’ve got to get into the backfield some but to me Lawrence is a guy I’d think about definitely on Day 3”.

Malcom Roach, Texas.” Showed flashes”.

Raequan Smith, Michigan State. “I liked some things with him on Day 3. He moves well for a big guy.”

Robert Windsor, Penn State. “I though he had a nice day overall.“

Josiah Coatney, Old Miss.

Pass rushers

Alex Highsmith, Charlotte. Former walk-on “I like the way he came on as a combo defensive end/outside linebacker. Could be a steal.”

Derrek Tuskza, North Dakota State. “He’s got length, he had production. The kid from North Dakota State has a chance (to be an impact player like Raiders’ Maxx Crosby last year)”.

Trevon Hill, Miami. Rounds 4/5. “He’s an interesting guy because you expected better pass rush than you got. From what we saw at Virginia Tech. (Hall’s transferred from there) he showed flashes of that.”


Shaquille Quarterman, Miami. Round 4/5.” Has the career production. Has the chance to, at worst, be a backup/special teams guy.”


Bryce Hall, Virginia. Round 3/4. “Looked like and early round pick a couple of year ago. He has some physicality to his game. He’s over 6’1. He can matchup against the biggest receivers. He showed he could cover when he was healthy “

Parnell Motley’ Oklahoma. “Late round prospect. He’ll be on special teams early and see what you can get out of him later on in a year or two.”


Jeremy Chin, Southern Illinois. Round 2

K’avon Wallace, Clemson -Round 3/4

Alohi Gilman, Notre Dame. “Aggressive, inconsistent. Good pursuit and a special teams star who forced 5 fumbles in 3 years. “Day 3

JR Reed, Georgia . Day 3

Chris Miller, Baylor. Day 3

Bryant Cole II, Missisipi State. Day 3

Which player do you have your eyes on in the late rounds? Let me know @Cumbleton or @NinetynineYards on Twitter.

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