Remembering the First NFLUK Match up with UK Fans

Remembering the First NFLUK Match up with UK Fans
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Thirteen years ago this October, on October 28, 2007, the NFL played it’s first regular season game in London. Although the NFL had played American Bowl games in the UK before but the last one took place in 1993. This game was monumental for UK fans. The Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants and I remember being so excited because it was the first meaningful game in London, and I was going to be there.

The experience began as a washout as the rain arrived, however it didn’t dampen the experience for NFL fans in attendance. I arrived early and was greeted by a massive, 26 foot robotic Jason Taylor and jerseys from the majority of NFL teams. The tailgate experience was unreal. Authentic tailgate food and exhibits showcasing the league’s history were consumed by true fans and those there for the experience alike. Seeing the history of the NFL up close was a thing I’d dreamed of as a child and now it was happening in London!

The New York Giants offense featured Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress but because of the weather the focal point of the game was Brandon Jacobs, who rushed for 131 yards. Manning completed a paltry 8 of 22 passes in the game but the Giants built a 13-0 halftime lead, only to see it cut to 3 points. The Dolphins, led by Cleo Lemon, couldn’t finish and Giants held on to seal the victory on a day for defences. Fans Wembley Stadium saw Jason Taylor for the Giants and Umenyiora for the Dolphins. A crowd of 81,176 watched the match and it was the start of bigger things for NFL in the UK.

We checked in with some of you and asked for your memories of the day;

Richard Breene

I was there. Bit of a damp squib of a game but was a fun occasion and nice to see the eventual Super Bowl winners even if that didn’t seem very likely that rainy October evening.

Rupert Tyrer

I was there, 11 years old and my first live nfl experience😍

Gordon Mitchell

Yes I was there. As a Dolphins fan from the channel 4 days, I was mega excited to see not only them but a live competitive nfl game having been to the wembley pre season games back in the day

Throw in the fact that the new wembley stadium had not long been open and it all made for a great experience. Pity the game was so bad, but it didn’t put me off and I’ve been to at least one game each year since (until this year of course)

Simon Harler

Is there any coverage of the Wembley games from way way back, World of Sport used to show them

Christopher Williams @CJW_Wales

Being sat behind the Giants bench was a dream come true!


TO @TO_Ldn_Mcr

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Not a great photo but I got to see and say hi to Jeremy Shockey awesome day.


Claire Da Bear NFL @clairedabear85

I was there got soaked to the bone. But I saw “the unicorn“ of Touchdowns. An Eli Manning rushing TD. Sadly no pictures but it will live on it mind and heart forever.

Matt Zitron @mattzitron

And lest we forget they went on to win an amazing Superbowl. What a crazy season that was.

Duncan Terry @DuncanJTerry

This was the first NFL matchup I ever watched, albeit on tv. Not surprisingly due to the weather I mainly remember the defensive players, Tuck, Strahan, and Jason Taylor.

Mick @L0ckier

I was there, with some questionable jeans on.

Richard Budden @richardbudden

On the phone to Miami telling them Cleo Lemon was not the answer at QB

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