CFL Looks to make changes for the 2021 Draft

CFL Looks to make changes for the 2021 Draft
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The CFL has announced some ‘significant changes’ to the 2021 Draft. Any news like this is of heightened importance for CFL fans. Particulalry in light of the fact that 2020 will be remembered as a lost season.

Which means we will see a different looking selection process to the one earlier this year.

The 2021 Draft – How it will work

Next year there will be an altered approach to picking Canadian players from U SPORTS in Canada, NCAA teams in the United States, and junior football.

So how will the 2021 CFL Draft work? As noted on the CFL home site we will see the following changes:

The draft order will be determined by a random draw that is equally weighted across the nine CFL clubs. Instead of basing things on the previous years’ record of each team The 2021 CFL Draft will feature what the league is dubbing a “snake” format.

That means that after teams pick in the first round, with the order determined by random draw, they will then pick in reverse order in the second round, and so on.

The 2021 CFL Draft will be six rounds long instead of the traditional eight rounds. This is in recognition of the fact that 2021 CFL training camps will feature a “double cohort” of Canadian rookies, with a group from each of the 2020 and 2021 CFL Drafts.

The CFL will also allow 2021 Draft eligible players to defer their draft year to 2022.

Greg Dick, Head of Football Operations for the CFL, who was on these shores earlier this year for a combine, is quoted as saying, “These changes have the support of our clubs and we are confident they will ensure fairness while giving a group of excellent and promising Canadian athletes a path to pursue their CFL dreams”

The 2021 CFL Draft will be held in the coming spring. We don’t yet know when however.

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