Birds Find New Boss

Birds Find New Boss
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The Philadelphia Eagles have their man. After what seemed to many an extensive search, the Eagles have chosen Nick Sirianni to be their head coach. After the Doug Pederson led Eagles finished 4-11-1, owner Jeffrey Lurie made the decision to part with the man that brought the City of Brotherly Love their one and only Lombardi Trophy. It was a movie that was a surprise but not a shock.

Sirianni is no household name. To many NFL fans he’s an unknown. However, he’s been in the NFL a number of years. He began as a quality control coach for the Kansas City Chiefs all the way back in 2009 under Todd Haley. 2013 saw him move onwards to SanDiego where he performed a number of roles over 5 years. In 2018 he joined former Eagle Frank Reich as non play calling offensive coordinator.

During his time with the Colts, his work with Phillip Rivers helped produce some of the retiring quarterback’s best years statistically. wide receivers coach, he traveled to San Diego.

Perhaps it was Sirianni’s varied time with the Chargers that helped cement his appointment. During his rise with the Chargers he served as quality control coach (2013), QB coach (2014-2015), and WR coach (2016-2017). It’s no secret the play of Eagles wide receivers and quarterbacks was disappointing. A background in those positions will help him in his prime directive, revive the career of Carson Wentz.

I’m sure that we’ll learn more about Sirianni as the weeks go by but for now he vaults from relative unknown to the man in charge of the Eagles.

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