It’ll Be All White on the Night for the Bucs

It’ll Be All White on the Night for the Bucs
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Which Team Gets to Choose the Uniforms in the Super Bowl?

The NFL alternate between the AFC and the NFC each season as to which team gets the right to choose their jersey for the Super Bowl. In last year’s Super Bowl it was the turn of the AFC’s representatives. The Kansas City Chiefs had the right to choose. Unsurprisingly, the Chiefs chose red.

Fast forward 12 months and its the turn of the NFC Champions to choose the jerseys. This years NFC Champs are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only are the Bucs the first team to ever play for a Super Bowl in their own stadium. They also get to choose which uniform to wear.

Tampa’s Decision

Playing at home and having won their only Super Bowl wearing their red home jerseys. It seemed an obvious decision for Tampa to wear red. To many people’s surprise, the Buccaneers decided to go with their white road jerseys.

As a Wildcard team, the Bucs have been on the road all Post-season. Winning all three road games whilst wearing their white jerseys, Tampa obviously didn’t want to change their uniform. Superstitious? Good luck charm? Maybe, but one team delighted with Tampa’s decision will be their opponents on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs will be running out of the tunnel decked in their home red jerseys which are seen as a lucky jersey by Chiefs fans. Kansas have played in three Super Bowls and have won two. Both wins were achieved whilst wearing their red jerseys. The Chiefs only loss in the Super Bowl was whilst wearing their white jersey against the Packers in Super Bowl I.

Is There Any Relevance in Jersey Decision When it Comes to Winning the Super Bowl?

Due to all teams having a white jersey, there has always been a team in white playing in the Super Bowl. Out of all Super Bowl match-ups, the team wearing white has been victorious on 34 out of 54 occasions.

As well as the white jerseys being seen as more successful, the team wearing their road jersey have won the Super Bowl on 33 occasions in comparison to their home jersey wearing counterparts who have lifted the trophy in 21 Super Bowls.

Teams with Most Super Bowl Appearances

So what about the top 5 teams based on Super Bowl appearances? New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos and San Fransisco 49ers have all appeared in at least seven Super Bowls each.

Out of those teams, there is only one which has won the Super Bowl wearing the same colour of uniform and that’s the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have won all five Lombardi’s whilst wearing their famous white jerseys. However, Dallas has also lost two Super Bowls whilst wearing white.

The only colour of jersey that does seem to be cursed is orange. The Denver Broncos have lost five out of their eight appearances in the Super Bowl. In four of those losses, they were decked out in their famous orange jerseys.

So statistically, in the big game, the team wearing a white road jersey is more likely to hoist the Lombardi. With the Bucs choosing their white road jersey, Tampa will be hoping history is on their side come Sunday.

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