Evan Neal: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Evan Neal: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’7″
  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • College: Alabama
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle


Evan Neal is an absolute specimen of a man who will be highly desirable in the 2022 NFL Draft. Looking at an extremely early selection, Evan Neal combines enormous size with freaky athleticism.

Born in Okeechobee, Florida, Evan Neal attended Okeechobee High School before he transferred to the IMG Academy. Topping the scales at a whopping 390 lbs, IMG were able to turn Neal into the pro he is today, where he has been able to get the weight down to an acceptable level. 

Neal is on record saying during his time at IMG, that long time NFL tackle Bryan Bulaga, said he wouldn’t draft Neal because of his size. This was the catalyst for Evan Neal to lose over 30 lbs.

Playing at 360 lbs in 2020,  he has dropped below 350 lbs which has only helped his movement and athleticism. 

Neal left IMG as a consensus 5* recruit and one of the top recruits in the nation. He committed to Alabama over other programs like Georgia, Miami and Oklahoma.

During his time at Alabama, Neal has had to be versatile, playing across the line. He settled at left guard in 2019, before moving to right tackle in 2020. Moving again in 2021 to left tackle, Evan Neal will be a 3 year starter by the time he gets to the NFL. 

Over his career Evan Neal has proven his athleticism. He topped Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List before the 2021 season. Neal has box jumped 48 inches, while also hitting some other unbelievable numbers. You will see more on Neal’s athleticism in the strength section.

Neal is a huge, foundational block on the offensive line, whose unnatural athleticism will see him be drafted highly.

Watch the video below which shows Evan Neal’s size, power, strength and athleticism.


  • Size
  • Athleticism
  • Anchor
  • Strength

Evan Neal is a player who possesses all the measurables and intangibles. He is a giant of a man and has the frame to carry his weight without it affecting his overall play. Evan Neal also has superior arm length which helps his reach when aggressively attacking oncoming defenders – where he can actively put his hands in their chest before they are even near him. 

Then comes Evan Neal’s calling card and what separates him in this class. His athleticism. He has explosive speed and strength which allows him to overwhelm defenders with ease. For his size he is flexible, which allows him to work with defenders as they attempt to bend the edge. 

His pure athletic ability is otherworldly. When it comes to him putting up testing numbers, he will be the guy that everyone is talking about.  His GPS numbers hit over 18.5 MPH in the summer, while also bench pressing 475 lbs and squatting 650 lbs. It is no wonder scouts are excited about Evan Neal.

In the running game Evan Neal is an absolute juggernaut. He is a powerhouse where he can use his excessive strength to drive opponents with ease. Evan Neal is a player who goes looking for work when not immediately opposed and his brute size and power overburdens those unlucky enough to face off against him. He can move up to the second level when needed and is never satisfied.

As for passing downs Neal sets his anchor really well. He has strong, grippy hands and is rarely put into the ground. That’s because he has such strong lower body strength where he has a solid base and is difficult to move. He also has surprisingly quick footwork and movement for a man of his size.


  • Reactions to Speed
  • Average Mobility
  • Over Extending

For a player who is so tall and big, it is probably no surprise that Evan Neal’s movement skills are best described as ordinary. That’s alright and in itself is impressive. You won’t find many people on this Earth that can move the way he does at such a monstrous size. 

It means Neal can be a bit slow at times to react to speed, especially round the edge. But, for such a colossal specimen you would say it was pretty good. In the running game when pulling along the line of scrimmage or attempting to move upfield he can be clunky. His heavy footwork is as expected again for someone who carries the weight that Evan Neal does, but it does leave his stability vulnerable. 

Already a player who has had to lose a serious amount of weight, as long as he does not pile back on the pounds, NFL teams will be happy. You just cannot find towering titans like Evan Neal every year.

Evan Neal can also find it difficult to readjust and counter once he has been beaten. An improvement in his technique where his aggressiveness to win at the point of attack lends itself to him leaning in. He can get caught with his head over his feet meaning that Neal loses balance and leverage. Playing more upright and with body control will help Neal in his overall play. 


Evan Neal is a player who will be taken highly in the 2022 NFL Draft. His play has been consistent, but it is his unique size and athleticism that will set him apart from the crowd. NFL teams just don’t get the chance to get linemen like Evan Neal every year and they will look to snap him up while they can. He will be a foundational piece on any offensive line and will be able to carve out a great, long NFL career. 

Naturally, through the NFL draft process Evan Neal will be compared to Mekhi Becton. Who himself had a huge rise up draft boards simply due to his rare size and length.

When it comes to the NFL Scouting Combine, Pro Days and testing, Evan Neal will put up incomparable numbers and his athletic ability will solidify his position as a top selection. 

A special athlete, Evan Neal will look to be taken in the top 10 come April 2022.

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