Why the Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

Why the Eagles will win the Super Bowl.
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The Underdog

Remember that? All those dog masks, Eagles fans (those that weren’t punching horses) really embraced the fun in 2018 and took on the mantle of the underdog, the team that no one expected to win, this year it could be argued that even less people would buy into their chances. In 2018 the Eagles were the NFC’s number 1 seed but entering the playoffs with a reserve quarterback in Nick Foles. Fast forward 3 years and they are back as a wild card, and with a healthy roster.

Defense Wins Championships

The old adage still rings true, the last 2 Superbowls were won by powerful offences but you won’t find anyone that won’t agree, the Chiefs and Bucs had two of the best defences at the time they won the big game.

In the second half of the season, ignoring the week 18 game against the Cowboys (weeks 8-17), the Eagles defence has given up 206.4 pass yards per game, gained 17 sacks and just 81.3 rush yards per game, with a 39% third down conversion rate, impressive by anyone’s metric.

The defense is also full of stars who are made for this kind of knock out football, Fletcher Cox, Darius Slay and Javon Hargrave are household names and difference makers who deserve to be in the Superbowl.  

The second year quarterback

Jalen Hurts is a good quarterback, there I said it, leading the team to the playoffs in his second year and earning a role as a pro bowl alternate. He will improve too as the Eagles build the offence in his image.

The second year is becoming a good year for young quarterbacks, Russell Wilson (along with Brady and Rothelisburger) was a Superbowl champion in his second year, and even more recently Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson won the league MVP award in their second seasons. Can Hurts continue this trend of high achieving second year quarterbacks?

Why Not?

Right? Last years Tampa Bay Bucs won the Superbowl from a wild card position, its happened 6 times in the 21st century already, so as we said, why not the Underdogs

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