NFL Power Rankings – Week 3. Raiders Come Away Empty

NFL Power Rankings – Week 3. Raiders Come Away Empty
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The NFL has done it again, messing up everyone’s NFL Power rankings everywhere.

The NFL has been unpredictably crazy this season, throwing up results that no one expected. But, we are starting to split the good teams from the bad. Here is how we see the NFL for this weeks power rankings.

1File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBUFFALO BILLS2-1
2File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsKANSAS CITY CHIEFS2-1
3File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPHILADELPHIA EAGLES3-0
4File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMAIMI DOLPHINS3-0
5File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBALTIMORE RAVENS2-1
6File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsGREEN BAY PACKERS2-1
7File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS2-1
8File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA RAMS2-1
9File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCINCINNATI BENGALS1-2
10File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMINNESOTA VIKINGS2-1
11File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDENVER BRONCOS2-1
12File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA CHARGERS1-2
13File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS2-1
14File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDALLAS COWBOYS2-1
15File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDETRIOT LIONS1-2
16File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsARIZONA CARDINALS1-2
17File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsJACKSONVILLE JAGUARS2-1
18File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTENNESSEE TITANS1-2
19File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCLEVELAND BROWNS2-1
20File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ORLEANS SAINTS1-2
21File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsINDIANAPOLIS COLTS1-1-1
22File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS1-2
23File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK GIANTS2-1
24File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPITTSBURGH STEELERS1-2
25File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLAS VEGAS RAIDERS0-3
26File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK JETS1-2
27File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsWASHINGTON COMMANDERS1-2
28File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCAROLINA PANTHERS1-2
29File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsATLANTA FALCONS1-2
30File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSEATTLE SEAHAWKS1-2
31File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCHICAGO BEARS2-1
32File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHOUSTON TEXANS0-1-2


Top Half

Image Credit: Touchdown Alabama

With the same top 2 as last week, after them both losing, this may need some explaining.

The Bills are still the best team in the NFL. They may have lost to an exciting Dolphins side, who themselves continue to rise, but they were without so many players between pre-game injuries and other related injuries during the game that you can’t account for. Still being in with a shot at the win as the second ticked down, despite everything, should give hope that the Bills are still the Super Bowl favourite.

While the excuses may not be as big for Kansas City, they are still clearly one of the top teams. This is an attempt not to over react to 1 loss. 

The Eagles may be the team that is the hardest done by. They have clear claims to the number 1 spot. If you are reading this thinking the Eagles are the top team or others have them ranked there, then that is a more than fair, logical assessment. They have a kind schedule and are playing like legitimate contenders. They look like the full package and it will be difficult to overtake them. 

The Buccaneers slide after their defeat to the Packers. Should we be worried about the Bucs? No. They are in a division which they should easily win with so many players yet to return. Expect them to get better as the season progresses. All they need to do is keep the shop steady till they get their players back from injuries 

Bottom Half

Image Credit: Fox News

The Jaguars will be dizzy being this high. But, Doug Peterson has this young team fighting and disciplined. The defence in particular has been lively and productive and Trevor Lawrence has taken a step forward in his production. Their fixture run before their week 8 bye will have the Jaguars wanting more even if the expectation still hasn’t arrived. 

The Las Vegas Raiders plummet. Despite having talent, they just can not seem to get a result from anywhere. Many expected this team to take the next step with a turnover in the front office and the arrival of genuine superstars. It just has not clicked. In a division that was already difficult to progress from being the NFL’s only 0-3 team is not a good look or acceptable start.

The Patriots still find themselves ranked below their usual high expectations. Their game against the Ravens was always going to be difficult, but they again, lack creativity on offence and with a potentially painful and laborious injury to Mac Jones, are the Patriots doing anything but treading water?

The Texans bottom out this week’s rankings. Despite having some young talent on defence which has shown up at the start of this season, they just are a team who are finding ways to lose games. There is and should be optimism, especially from the secondary, but the offence has not been there since week 1 and the results have shown it.

Who are you higher on and who are you lower on? Let us know over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_

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