Kam put the Boom in Legion of Boom

Kam put the Boom in Legion of Boom
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The feeling that swept the 12s when Kam Chancellor announced his retirement on Sunday was one of sadness but also of utmost respect.

A member of the Legion of Boom it marks the end of an era in Seattle, home of one of the most dominant defences in the NFL over the past few seasons.

Chancellor was the heart and soul of the defence along with mainstays Richard Sherman and free safety Earl Thomas. Let’s not forget Chancellor’s hit on Demaryius Thomas in Super Bowl XLVIII.

This changed the mood of the game and saw the Hawks win 48-4 in a massive upset – he was a jack of all trades and a player fans [even those who don’t follow Seattle] got excited to watch.

He led the Seahawks with six tackles and one interception in their Super Bowl XLVIII win after the 2013 season.

I can’t say I didn’t see his retirement coming but I still had that glimmer of hope he could and would return to CenturyLink Field.

But your health is the most important thing and Chancellor has made the right decision following his injury last season. He needs to continue on in some aspect as the Enforcer that we remember him by.

I will always remember him against the Arizona Cardinals in 2017 where he kept stopping them over and over.

Credit: Sporting News

Chancellor was a monster – the hit on Vernon Davis for one was incredible. And while I will miss him on the field – and he could be missed for many more years to come – we as 12s have many fond tackles to remember him by!

Let’ the honest – he brought the Boom to the Legion of Boom. “Bam Bam Kam” had 434 tackles. This ranks him number 12 in Seahawks history and fourth among defensive backs.

If this is truly the end we can only wonder what could have happened if he had stayed healthy.

And while Seattle has lost a number of incredible players, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Paul Richardson – to name a few the team are still strong.

We still have Doug Baldwin, Russell Thomas and [hopefully] Thomas.

However, Kam’s intimidating presence and jaw-dropping athleticism will surely be missed but I am confident we can make the play-off this year with our new recruits [I am already fangirling the Griffins].

King Kam get healthy and stay healthy as us 12s will miss you dearly.

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