Week 2 for Seattle and it’s not getting any better…

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It’s hard to take many positives from Seattle Seahawks’ 24-17 loss to the Chicago Bears.

While there were glimmers of hope, thank you Tyler Lockett and Michael Dickson, it was mostly sighs, despair and me almost crying into my cornflakes.

I may say this line to my friends every week but just let Chris Carson RUN THE DANG BALL! [aka slipping in a little bit of The Blindside into my everyday life].

Seattle ran six plays in the third quarter – six and gained one yard. So naturally when Pete Carroll says we need to run it more shouldn’t we actually be going just that?

Well not quite. In the first three quarters in Chicago, they had a total of eight running plays – seriously Pete?

In the fourth quarter, however, they discovered a hand-off could work and ran the ball 14 times and gained 48 yards. Incredible, it’s a miracle!

Michael Dickson’s drop kick [Credit: USA Today]
All in all, normally they rely on Russell Wilson – remember Russell time? King of the fourth quarter? Where he at?!

He was sacked six times – five times in the first half. If this continues he is in line to be sacked 93 times in total this season.

While not all the blame can be put on the QB, the o-line are still not doing their job. It looks as though Russ has about one second in total before he sees the opposition from the corner of his eye.

Carroll also stated after the game Carson was needed for special teams and he was “gassed” from playing on both fronts, really? – He is the lead back and he was on special teams for the entire fourth quarter?

The stats are out Carroll – it seems a little BS. Carson only had two snaps on special teams…someone is fibbing. Your answer was not great.

He needs let out of the doghouse immediately – if that is where he so is. By the sounds of things he is’t injured.

If Seattle wants to run the ball more then run it – the changing styles quickly throughout matches is not working.

Will Dissly continued to impress with another touchdown. During week one he was the only rookie to have had 100+ yards receiving.

Shaquill Griffin shined despite the loss [Credit: Oregon Sports News]
After reading how many starters were out for Seattle on defense earlier in the week– it was tipped that the Bears could have run riot.

In a shocking twist of fate, they were not the disappointment. Shaquill Griffin got two interceptions and the defence only gave up 17 points – they kept the offense once again within the game.

And let’s not forget Michael Dickson’s drop kick in the NFL – that was a thing of beauty and so far he is the real MVP.

Despite all of the mistakes – Seattle have began the season on back-to-back road games three times under Carroll. They’ve started 0-2 all three times.

But they better quickly do their research if they want to win in their first home game of the season at Century Link against the Dallas Cowboys [did you see what they did to Eli Manning?] – balance makes perfect between the offense and the defense.

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