Kirk Cousins and the Vikings

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings
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Kirk Cousins’ signing with the Minnesota Vikings in mid-March surprised a few. His three-year guaranteed $84 million contract may have even garnered doubt.

For those who are anxious about Cousins’ ability, watch the latest episode of ‘NFL Life’ on YouTube. The episode centres around his stint with free agency this offseason and his final landing spot. Your doubts will soon evaporate after understanding Cousins’ true love and dedication to his craft.

The first two weeks of the season have already displayed he’s a dynamic quarterback both within and outside of the pocket.

He’s already amassed 669 passing yards and thrown for 6 touchdowns. Despite being intercepted last week against the Packers, Cousins has a 65.5 passing completion percentage. He truly does look like the real deal up north.

In spite of Kirk’s stellar numbers that he has produced in his first two games in Minnesota, he has also emphasised his ability to remain in the pocket and complete passes despite forthcoming pressure.

Take his last outing against divisional rivals, the Packers. In the dying embers of the game, Cousins was able to remain inside the pocket whilst narrowly avoiding a sack, proceeding to throw an absolute dart to Adam Thielen. Cousins would then convert on the 2-point conversion to tie the game, 29-29.

In just two starts, Kirk Cousins has already displayed his relentless effort as a leader of a young and talented lineup. Moreover, if we have learned anything from his tenure as the Viking quarterback, Cousins is more determined than ever to prove his critics wrong.

Independent reporter, Dov Kleiman, evidences who won the quarterback battle in Green Bay on Sunday.

Just How Far Can Cousins Lead His Team?

The Vikings have one of the best defences in the whole of the league, let alone the north.

The Vikings are destined to stack up a multitude of sacks with ferocious defensive lineman Everson Griffen leading the line. In the backfield, the Vikings boast Pro-Bowlers Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes who are arguably the best at their respective positions.

On offence, Cousins’ is spoilt for choice. Namely, Stefon Diggs. The young receiver boasts explosive speed and the ability to make tough catches in the outfield. Furthermore, Adam Thielen’s breakout year last season has propelled him into a reliable target in the outfield. 2x Pro Bowl tight end, Kyle Rudolph, is another weapon at Cousins’ disposal. Finally, in the backfield Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray provide a dual-threat running back duo, which presents an opportunity to be versatile on play-calling.

If the Vikings can steer clear of potential injuries this season, they will have a major claim to a visit to the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Especially with Kirk Cousins at the helm.

This guest piece has been written by Greg Forbes. Greg is a Pittsburgh Steelers who not only has love for his team but the NFL itself too. You can follow Greg over on Twitter at @G29750721.

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