Derek Carr on Targets and The Importance of Veterans

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In the second of our Raiders press conference write ups Derek Carr spoke to the media on Friday. Carr is on his second visit to London having played her as a rookie in 2014 and although he’s been in the league a number of year and his completion percentage is an impressive 71.3% ,he’s thrown just 7 touchdown and 8 interceptions which is a huge part of why the team are 1-4. Carr said, “We obviously have a lot of work today, just like any football team. There’s always thing to clean up but you wish you were making you mistakes with wins. You wish you were making those corrections on Monday and Tuesday with a win underneath the wins column”.

Raiders tight end Jared Cook is off to an impressive start to the season with 30 catches for 390 yards and a touchdown. Carr spoke at length about how much Cook means to the offense, saying, “ Jared is obviously a mismatch. If we can get some man coverage and some zone coverage, he’s so smart that he knows the soft part of the zone, he knows where to sit, he knows where I need him to be and when I need him to be there. It’s been good to have him because when one guy’s trying to take the other guys away, it’s good to have someone like that to get the ball to.”

He also spoke about how he doesn’t see the number of targets that Amari Cooper had as an issue. Saying “There were multiple times in the game where my eyes went straight to him, where I’m looking to see if it was going to work and things like that. It just didn’t. He had a good corner on him also. There was a couple of times where maybe there could have been a flag, he got held up on a certain route, just can’t throw it. But there was definitely multiple times I was looking his way, but they just didn’t end up working out.”

I asked Carr about the benefits of having a veteran like off season signing, Jordy Nelson, and he was quick to sing the experienced receiver’s praises. “Jordy’s a really good football player. I’m glad that Green Bay let him go. I don’t know if he was at first but I hope he is now. He’s catching a lot of balls and being productive for us. He’s a good friend, a good teammate and a good leader on our team. He doesn’t have to say anything at all, if you just come and watch our team drills every ball he catches he finishes all the way to the endzone with great effort and I think that it rubs off on the young guys”.

With weapons like Jordy, Cook and Cooper, as well as Marshawn Lynch the Raiders offense should be fun to watch even in the rain. Could this be the day the Raiders veteran group put it all together in-front of a packed Wembley Stadium Crowd? Carr think so. “We work work our tails off, we’re all doing the right things and it’s only a matter of time before it turns for us”.

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