Receiving the benefits: Where Mike Reilly lands matters to the wide-outs.

Receiving the benefits: Where Mike Reilly lands matters to the wide-outs.
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Agents and Receivers trying to find the best spot to land

1.67 Touchdown passes per game don’t seem like much when you break down the 2018 Edmonton Eskimos season.  However, it was tied for the lead with the Calgary Stampeders Touchdown passes per game in 2018.  If you’re a receiver that 1.63 number sticks out like an extra decimal point on a contract extension. Again, as a player 1.67 is a number that whets the appetite and makes you want to find a way to excel at your position and be open. 

The QBs on both those teams mentioned above do not need much in the form of introduction.  Mike Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell are both massive talents with numbers to back it up.  Finding receivers open and in the end zone comes naturally to both of them.

If you play Daily Fantasy, those Touchdown passes per game average weigh heavily in decision making.   However, if you break it down to real life analysis, there is an agent somewhere sitting with a Receiver looking over the same numbers.  It isn’t rocket science that production numbers from Quarterbacks will lead to bigger deals and extended career opportunities for themselves.  What can’t be overlooked is the ability for a receiver to also cash in on the success rate and find a way to be paired with such great QB talent.

Edmonton Eskimos WRs find Opportunity

4 Eskimo receivers had more than 14.0 yards per catch.   Each of those four receivers had more than 50 receptions on the season.  Targets and Yards added up in a hurry with Mike Reilly throwing the ball.

Mike Reilly threw 30 Touchdown passes in 2018, and 28 touchdown passes in 2017.  Not only does Mike Reilly produce but he finds a way to do it each year.

These are some staggering numbers if you have to face the Edmonton Eskimos. Defensive coordinators pull out their hair trying to stop the machine known as Mike Reilly.  If you’re a player agent, you happen to be licking your chops to find a way to get a client on the Mike Reilly roster.

If a wide receiver happened to land a contract in Edmonton the last few years, there was a good chance they could build a resume for success.  Stay healthy, put the work in, get open and Mike Reilly is going to throw them touchdowns.

One Receiver to rule them all

Slot Receiver D’haquille (Duke) Williams made up 28% of total receiving yards produced by the 2018 Edmonton Eskimos.  The second-year slot receiver was an absolute favourite target for Mike Reilly.

Williams in two years with the team did nothing but progress as a slot back and found ways to produce.  He quickly became the number one target for an Edmonton Eskimo QB that recognizes talent and makes the best of it. 

Catching 57.8% of targets allowed Williams to build a stat sheet that elevated his stock and sent him packing to the Buffalo Bills in early January. The young player will make his second attempt at an NFL roster after cutting up the CFL with the help of a great team around him.

Follow the Money –

Mike Reilly is surely owed a steak dinner from Duke Williams at some point.  The contract possibilities for Williams in the NFL outweigh anything he could even get a whiff of in the CFL. 

What agent wouldn’t want his client to find a roster spot with Mike Reilly?

William production over two seasons in Edmonton; 135 receptions – 2,229 yards – 15 touchdowns – 31 games

If Mike Reilly is going to throw TD Passes to a talented receiver the route should end with the WR standing at a bank teller. 

Duke Williams was given an opportunity in Edmonton and took every advantage of it to cash in his talents south of the border.

As Mike Reilly lines up his Free Agency wish list, there are receivers all over the league waiting with bated breath while agents work the phones. 

Where does Mike Reilly land and what Receiver will benefit the most from his signing?  Hit me up on twitter @projectsmith and let me know your thoughts.

Mike Smith is a founding partner of the BleedRedblacks podcast, and is a season ticket holder in Ottawa. He is particularly interested in statistical trends within the game and can be found on twitter.

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