Fixing Franchise: Coaching Carousel

Fixing Franchise: Coaching Carousel
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As one Madden games comes to a close, speculation mounts regarding the next iteration of the NFL juggernaut. In this series, we will be looking at ways EA can improve the game, from gameplay to the different modes.

This isn’t a new ask, there are countless videos and articles demanding this addition, and with custom draft classes being added to Madden 19, this is now top of the list.

Firstly, every team in the NFL has position coaches so EA, add this. Bring in a quarterback coach, running back coach, offensive line coach, etc etc etc. 

That way, if I draft an amazing corner in the first but my defensive back coach is pants, he won’t develop as well. If I have a brilliant running back coach, the guy I drafted in the bottom of the sixth may actually turn out to be a stud due to coaching. 

If my QB coach is doing wonders, struggling teams may want to poach him as an offensive co-ordinator or head coach. It’s these small things which will bring people back to franchise mode. Every hiring and firing should have an impact on the team. 

Be honest, franchise mode is basically play now with a bit of meaning. 

If you add this kind of depth, people would actually take time while in the mode as opposed to aimlessly playing games. 

It would add progression to the mode, get players more invested and makes you want to play the game for longer.

NCAA and old Madden’s had co-ordinators, Madden 20 needs them.

Let them have their own traits which then gives different sides of the ball boosts, which can be upgraded via a dev tree.

If the defensive co-ordinator is known for blitzing, then players get +2 in block shed. Or perhaps he runs a great zone scheme, so DBs get a +1 play rec and +2 zone coverage.

You then win games, pick up more coaching points and as the season’s progress, perhaps that +1 play rec and +2 zone becomes +2 and +6.

Say your OC is the next Sean McVay, he comes with +3 route running for WR and +2 awareness and +2 medium accuracy for QBs.

Now all of a sudden, your coaches actually mean something and keeping hold of him becomes a priority.

Obviously there should be negative traits as well.

Your offensive line coach is bad at his job, you are giving up more sacks and conceding more penalties due to false starts and holding.

All your linemen are have minus confidence and -2 on zone block. You want to fire him but all the coaches on market are just as bad, if not worse.

So you have to work with what you got, perhaps juggle some of your coaches around to solve the problem short-term.

As always, it needs to implemented correctly so it’s not overpowered. Perhaps you don’t have stat increases for your position coaches at first, it is something you acquire after games and wins and you can choose which stats to upgrade on your coach, similar to what we have now.

If EA and the NFL are unable to come to an agreement with coaches about their likeness and names, then generic ones are better than none at all.

With this level of detail, franchise mode becomes somewhat of a dynasty mode.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see retired players become coaches and lead a team to the Super Bowl?

Heck, if EA want to make this change and repackage franchise a a new ‘dynasty’ mode with a coaching carousel and home field advantage, plus other additions which will be detailed on this here, would anyone really have a problem with that?

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