So what is the deal with Russell Wilson?

So what is the deal with Russell Wilson?
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As the whole NFL world now knows, Russell Wilson’s contract with the Seattle Seahawks is up for renewal at the end of the 2019 season.

He was offered a new four-year-deal in 2015 at the Seahawks.

How time has flown.

Here we are at a deadline the quarterback set in order for his team to offer him another new deal.

The rumour mill

Several reports have been swirling the past couple of days.

One is saying talks have intensified between general manager John Schneider and Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers.

The other is that Wilson wants New York.

That four words are probably enough to break any Seahawks fans’ heart, OK maybe spirit.

According to Pro Football Talk, a league source stated the Seahawks think Wilson would like to play elsewhere even if he hasn’t said it.

Russell Wilson has been a mainstay in the Seattle Seahawks team [Captain: USA Today]

If you look at the other scenario, the tempo of the talks is apparently heating up.

The question is if Seattle loses Russell… do they then build a team around a new rookie QB?

All in all, when they came over to London in October, the mood around the camp implied there was no way Russell was not getting a new deal.

But flash forward seven months and we are still in limbo.

Off-season training begins

Today marks the first day of the Seahawks’ official off-season workout program and make no mistake – Russell will be there deal or no deal.

Wilson’s current contract of a base salary of $17million with a salary-cap of $25.286million.

When he signed this new four-year deal, he became the second-highest paid NFL player.

He has now significantly fallen down that pay chart now becoming the 14th highest player.

Wilson had his best stats season in 2018 with 35 touchdown passes while tying a career low in interceptions with seven.

Will the deal go through?

So… could we potentially see one of the craziest trades in this NFL off-season? Stranger things have happened.

If the deadline passes, it could mean Wilson will not negotiate again until after the 2019 season – not what the fans will want.

But we will all have to wait in wonder after his deadline passes to see what everyone’s next move will be.

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