Top 10 NFL schedule reveals

Top 10 NFL schedule reveals
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Well we all got excited when the schedule was released for the 2019 season (I got so excited I booked flights to the states)

But hey so did our teams.

So here at Ninety-Nine yards we decided to rate them from 1-10 to see who was the most creative.

Coming in at number 10…

Philadelphia Eagles – #FlyEaglesFly

Their schedule reveal was quite cleverly done.

They introduced famous faces from around the world to announce their games week by week.

And while some of us may pondered why Eric Dier was in there… there was some notable names like lil Dicky, Jim Cramer and Mike Trout.

Not to mention the clever instagram story style feature. Well done Eagles.

Ding ding! Number nine…

New York Giants – #GiantsPride

Here at 99 HQ we thought we would give the Giants an honourable mention.

They have to win something right?

Enrol comedian and actor Tracey Morgan and use a TV for the week (episode) changes and to show the opposition.

It’s actually quite clever.

Lucky number eight…

Indianapolis Colts – #ForTheShoe

This video really needs no introduction, no description, not anything.

We are being serious.

Take it away Andrew the floor is yours!

Seven and we are in heaven

Los Angeles Chargers – #FightForEachother

Oh boy oh boy this was smart!

Stock imagery, the use of a dog as a lion, the person dressed up as a bear and some meat packers and you have got yourself a video!

Take a look for yourself.

And in number six…

Chicago Bears – #GoBears

This is quite a symbolic schedule release video. It’s 100 years of Bears history.

Not only does it show the 2019 year but all the years the Bears have played.

It’s quite a thing of beauty.

The game section aka three, four and five

Seattle Seahawks – #Seahawks, Carolina Panthers – #KeepPounding and Green Bay Packers #GoPackGo

We couldn’t keep these three a part.

Pacman, Super Mario and every cool game you played as a kid you can imagine.

The Panthers probably pip the Seahawks and the Packers to the post but they are all so close.

Oh Packs this is brilliant.

But we can’t forget about Blitz who was ready and waiting.

It’s Mario time!

How about you decide and let us know what you think!

And at two we have a tie!

Game of Thrones meet Houston Texans – #Texans and the Atlanta Falcons #InBrotherhood

Just watch them. Seriously. Genius.

Who will win the throne? Will it be for the north? or the enemies in the south?

Football is coming…

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We have reached the top spot.

While it may not be the most flashiest, it made most of us giggle.

Congrats to the Cleveland Browns. Old guard meet the new guard.

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