Five Alive! BT Sport showing CFL action in 2019 for the fifth year in a row.

Five Alive! BT Sport showing CFL action in 2019 for the fifth year in a row.
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Sports fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland will once again be able to catch all the Canadian Football League (CFL) action on television with BT Sport.

This is the fifth consecutive season this arrangement has been in place. Stable continuous access like this can only be a good thing for UK based fans.

The CFL recently announced its broadcast partners for the coming season. Whilst they were trumpeting the new deals with ESPN and ESPN+ in America the important thing for UK fans is the continuation of coverage from BT Sport.

Once again fans will not see pre-season games in the UK. Other than looking at highlights on the CFL website. Although this year we were able to access a livestream on the Blue Bombers site. For international fans this was a rare treat & I would love to see other teams follow suit!

As an aside don’t try and find international streaming as an option from the league. That is blocked in territories with a broadcast deal in place.

We have already had pre-season action. Now lets get ready for the games that matter! Image from ctvnews

A good Place to Start

If it is your first year watching a great place to start would be a week one contest between Calgary and Ottawa. This coverage starts at midnight UK time. Something NFL fans will be more than used to.

For fans in the UK bemoaning that it’s ‘Only June’ and we’re so far away from the NFL season this is the perfect chance to watch and maybe get into a fun, fast paced professional league that has plenty to offer.

If you want to see fast-moving, entertaining football whilst the NFL and college football are still a month or two away, then why not give the CFL a go?

If you want to get a real feel for the game itself and how it flows then highlights of the 103rd, 104th, 105th, & 106th Grey Cups is a great place to start.

Also you might want to know a bit more about the teams and you can find that here. Or some players to watch which you can find here.

You can find the full 2019 schedule here and the hope is we have as fun and exciting a year as 2018!

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