Odds-makers hailing the Stamps

Odds-makers hailing the Stamps
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Odds-makers are hailing the Stampeders as favourites to win the 2019 Grey Cup. Doubtless their fans would be delighted to see such a ‘home win’ occur.

The 2018 Grey Cup saw Calgary put the stamp on their recent dominance in the CFL. They have now won 2 Grey Cups in the last five years.

Over that span Calgary have gone 70-18-2 in the regular season, and by winning the 2018 championship, buried the “chokers” title that could have dogged them after upsets in 2016 & 2017.

Hail to the Stamps?

Eleven of the Stampeders’ 24 starters from last year’s Grey Cup win are no longer on the team. Can Calgary really turn over a roster to that extent and win again?

History suggests that if any tam can it is them. They always seem to find new talent and mold players into superstar players. There has to come a personnel turnover breaking point sometime though. Could this be it? 

Calgary in action lat year. image from the Calgary Herald

Set in stone?

One thing we can say for sure is that a Stamps win is not set in stone. There have been seven different Grey Cup winners in the last nine years. Calgary is attempting to be the first team to win back-to-back titles for the first time since the Montreal Alouettes managed it in 20092010.

Back in April, some odds-makers were so excited by the BC Lions acquisition of Mike Reilly they had them installed as favourites.

This was a big call for a team that has not won the grey cup since 2011 or finished first in their division since 2012. Even now they are still installed as second favourites behind the Stamps.

Rising from the East

Jeremiah Masoli will once again lead the Ti Cats charge in the East. Image from sportsnet.ca

Another thing to consider is that the East Division champion will get a home playoff game and a shorter run at the title than some western teams.

The early favourites on that side appear to be Hamilton who have managed to keep most of their key personnel in place.

At the end of the day, no-one knows for sure how the season will play out. That is why they play the games after all! As ever, it will be a lot of fun watching it all unfold.

The Odds

Going into the season this is how the odds stand:

Calgary +260 to win the Grey Cup

BC Lions +500 to win the Grey Cup

Ottawa +550 to win the Grey Cup

Winnipeg +650 to win the Grey Cup

Hamilton +800 to win the Grey Cup

Saskatchewan +800 to win the Grey Cup

Edmonton +900 to win the Grey Cup

Toronto +1200 to win the Grey Cup

Montreal +1400 to win the Grey Cup

Fans of each team will no doubt have some very different ideas to that as to who will finish where. Arguing about it just adds to the fun as we run up to the 2019 kickoff.

If you are new to CFL football then why not try here to pick a team. Here to see stars of the game up & coming players and here to understand the game a little better.

Banner image from stampeders.com

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