When QB1 isn’t….

When QB1 isn’t….
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News out of Coral Gables this week backed rumours that QB Tate Martell is struggling with the playbook at Miami.

Head Coach Manny Diaz confirmed that the U will start Jaren Williams at QB this season.

It’s not unusual for teams to announce starting QB’s this early in to fall camp. However it is troubling considering Martell arrived at Miami to such fanfare on a transfer waiver from Ohio State.

“As we move into preparation for the Florida game we will continue the competition to determine who will serve as the backup quarterback,” said Diaz when asked what role Martell will play in the coming season.

Social media erupted to the news that Martell, most well known for featuring on The Netflix series, QB1 Beyond the Lights, did not report for practice following news of his benching.

This prompted the Twitter universe to melt down with suggesting Martell would again and unexpectedly re-enter the transfer portal. Manny Diaz has since confirmed that Martell has rejoined the team and intends to stay at Miami. The job of Diaz is now to right the U ship ahead of that huge season opener against UF.

However it does beg the question what next for Martell? His Head Coach is playing this with a straight bat, simply encouraging the greatest competition for his quarterbacks. But for someone who did not want to fight it out at Ohio State with Justin Fields, Martell is going to be reluctant to sit behind Williams for much of the season. Or worse still if he doesn’t win the back up job, which is surely unthinkable.

With the season opener against Florida looming large don’t expect the drama at Coral Gables to end anytime soon.

Photo credit: Al Diaz, Miami Herald

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