Power Rankings: AFC North

Power Rankings: AFC North
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It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen! Football season. The rumours have ended and it’s now that time of year where sports writers everywhere stick their necks on the line and hope they still have some dignity come February. Preseason power rankings. 

Few divisions have been speculated about more than the AFC North. Whether it’s the drama of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the hype of the Cleveland Browns, the velocity of the Baltimore Ravens, or the capability of the Cincinnati Bengals, we can guarantee that you will be paying close attention to the AFC North this season.


One of the most talented rosters in the NFL, it’s difficult not to see the Steelers as contenders. 2019 could be a franchise defining season as they go chasing the elusive 7th championship. The Steelers are going under the radar but we have them making a deep run.

Ben Roethlisberger celebrating topping the power rankings
Big Ben topping our power rankings. Credit: UPI


You can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. The Browns are the trendy pick to win the division, which is something they haven’t done since 1989, when they were in the AFC Central. We need proof the Browns are for real before throwing coal into the fire of this hype-train. 

Quarterback Baker Mayfield. Credit: UPI


The Ravens have undergone radical transformation going into 2019.  With an experienced coaching staff and a trendsetter of a quarterback, the Ravens will catch some teams out this year. We like where this team is going, we are just giving last years division winners some time.

Jackson topped the power rankings last year
Ravens sitting third on our power rankings. Credit: WJLA


Most have already written the Bengals off, but it’s hard to know exactly where they are at going into week 1. With some questionable decisions being made, it’s hard to see how the Bengals have enough to finish anywhere but in the basement of the AFC North.

Andy Dalton needs a big year Credit: USA TODAY Sports

We can’t promise our early power rankings will be the same come Sunday 2nd February. But we can guarantee you box office entertainment. 

Whether its news, stories or analysis we will have you cover all season long here at Ninety-Nine Yards.

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