Toronto Bound: The Global Combine Qualifiers

Toronto Bound: The Global Combine Qualifiers
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We now know some of the global combine qualifiers who are Toronto bound.

The CFL has held an array of global combines across Europe and Japan. From them several players have qualified to attend the combine in Toronto.

But who are they and what is their background? Let’s take a look.

The Qualifiers

So who is coming to the Combine in Toronto so far? Below is a very brief run-down on each player that will appear.

As so many have GFL experience I thought it would be interesting to split them between those who have and have not appeared in the German leagues.

Players who have not appeared in the GFL

Taku Lee & Tomoya Machino – Japan.

Taku Lee is a running back for the Obic Seagulls of the X-League. He has led all college rushers in Japan in back to back seasons, been selected for the Japanese national team, and impressed with the Seagulls. Lee previously signed for the Spring League and has impressed XFL scouts.

Tomoya Machino is an offensive tackle who previously performed at the XFL Summer Showcase. Machino, played for four years for the nationally renowned Kyoto University football team.

As far as I know no Japanese players have made it across tot he NFL or CFL via their domestic games. Linebacker Masafumi Kawaguchi and wide receiver Noriaki Kinoshita, who both played in NFL Europa, were among the Japanese players who came closest to it.

Lorenzo Dalle PiaggeItaly.

Lorenzo Dalle Piagge – is a Defensive End who started playing American football in 2010 with a Pisa youth team. He has layed in Italy for the Panthers in Parma & Seamen in Milan. The Blue Navy are very proud of his selection to the Toronto Combine!

From 2017-19 he has been part of a triple Italian Championship winning team.

Tony Anderson – France.

Tony Anderson is a large bodied 6’4″, 215 pound DB. Having played for the Elancourt Templers in France, Anderson made his way to the US and Santa Barbara City College. He then played for Grand View, an NAIA school in Iowa.

Invites to Colts and Rams NFL mini-camps were hampered by knee problems. Anderson also tried out at the NFL Combine in Cologne. His special teams experience may stand him in good stead.

Players with GFL Experience

Sven Breidenbach & Niklas Liesen Germany.

Sven Breidenbach – is a 6’5″, 285 pound offensive lineman who has represented his hometown GFL team, the Cologne Crocodiles. His grit and determination have been noted by the CFL.

Niklas Liesen – is a 6’1″ OLB who has also played for the Crocodiles. Aside from the things the CFL have put out I could find little on Liesen except a special teams block online.

David Izinyon – Great Britain.

David Izinyon – is a 6/1″, 247 lb linebacker who currently plays for the Rostock Griffins in Germany.

Izinyon made his way from the University of Surrey Stingers to the London Warriors. The Warriors are the most dominant team in Britball and are a team that sends talent beyond these shores.

Anthony Mahoungou France.

Anthony Mahoungou is a 6’3″ 210 lb Wide Receiver who has previously appeared for Purdue, then was briefly on the Eagles roster, and signed for the Frankfurt Universe team in the GFL.

William James – Sweden.

William James the 5’11”, 195 lb DB started out with the Arlanda Jets in Sweden. After that he played for the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks and then signed with the Dresden Monarchs in the GFL.

Micky Kyei & Sebastien Sagne – Finland.

Micky Kyei is at first glance an undersized 5’8″, 193-pound receiver, However, the 27 year old has 14 years of playing experience in the game.

Kyei and William James have been teammates on the Manly Marlins rugby team in Australia as well as turning out together for the Dresden Monarchs. He has also played for the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions, reigning GFL champs and arguably the best team in Europe.

Sebastien Sagne is a 6’2″ 198 lb receiver more in the prototypical physical mold than Kyei. He has been turning out for the Frankfurt Universe & Dresden Monarchs also.

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