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As the PAC-12 joins the college football party, more Future Stars are starting to emerge. As prospects see their draft stocks rise and fall we take a look at those players you will see playing on Sundays in the near future.

Future Stars brings you the 2021 NFL Draft Prospects you should keep your eye on each and every week throughout the college season and into next year’s Draft.

Week 10 will see a huge 7 games televised in the UK across BT Sport  and Sky Sports!

You can see:

West Virginia at Texas17:00BT Sport 3
Liberty at Virginia Tech17:00BT Sport ESPN
Houston at Cincinnati20:30BT Sport 3
Georgia v Florida20:30BT Sport ESPN
Texas A&M at South Carolina00:00BT Sport ESPN
Stanford at Oregon00:00BT Sport 3
Clemson at Notre Dame00:00Sky Sports NFL
+ Sky Sports Main Event

Here are your Future Stars in week 10.



Notre Dame linebacker JEREMIAH OWUSU-KORAMOAH. Image credit: Irish Sports Daily

With Trevor Lawrence out for Notre Dame’s game against Clemson, how Notre Dame can take advantage of this will be all important. Causing havoc on defence could be decisive in this game and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah could be the key to unlocking what would be a huge win for the Fighting Irish.

Owusu-Koramoah has a brilliant combination of strength, speed, power and size. 

The key to Owusu-Koramoah’s success has been his versatility. He can play every down and can even be lined up in the slot against extra receivers if needed. His athleticism is excellent.

He has great speed to attack as a blitzer and he can create a ton of pressure off when lining up on the edge. Teams will be able to use him in a variety of different ways. He is a prospect who doesn’t let up and gives his all on every down.

The speed Owusu-Koramoah plays the game at does mean he can take the scenic route when attacking the line of scrimmage. He never gets out of fifth gear and it means he can miss some easy tackles, coverages and pressures. If he could slow down on some plays his vision, anticipation, recognition and therefore production will improve. 

Owusu-Koramoah could have a Isaiah Simmons type draft process where teams and scouts won’t know whether to label him as a linebacker or a safety.  


As the PAC 12 returns so does one of its best running backs. Verdell has had great production over the last 2 seasons and he will be keen to continue his successful collegiate career and improve his draft stock.

CJ Verdell is a tough runner who is agile. He has the ability to make defenders miss and posses a real threat once in the second level. Verdell can work well catching out of the back field and benefits from the run heavy scheme that Oregon utilise.

Because of the rushing scheme Oregon operate, Verdell has been really productive. He puts together good footwork and instincts when running up the gut to get the hard fought yards. 

Verdell will offer kick and punt return options on special teams, which will be a trait teams value in later rounds.

Verdell can struggle in pass protection. He also isn’t as elusive as you would expect once he is out of the first level. Verdell isn’t slow but he can’t turn on the burners like other running backs in this class. With better decision making and avoiding unnecessary tackles Verdell’s ability will be transferable to the pros.

Verdell is likely a day 3 pick but how early in day 3 will depend on the type of production he can put together in the 2020 season. 


Jaycee Horn is part of our future stars and will be a top cornerback taken in the 2021 draft
South Carolina Cornerback Jaycee Horn. Image Credit: gamecocksonline.com

Jaycee Horn continues to be a player that goes under the radar, although his draft stock is gaining traction after some great performances in 2020. 

Horn is great in press coverage and has the size and physicality to match up against any player and position. He is built long and sturdy and can line up anywhere on the field. Horn is a fluid player who has a good turn. Add this to his strength and you have a recipe for a quality corner at the next level.

As with any college prospects, Horn is by far from the finished article. He will need to improve his footwork and tackling technique. Horn can tackle low on occasions. He doesn’t have elite quickness, but he is more than quick enough to keep up with NFL calibre receivers. 

Horn is making a case to be CB1 come the 2021 NFL Draft and is holding his own against strong competition. 


Texas has had a rocky season so far, affecting the draft stock of many draft prospects. One name constantly being mentioned is offensive tackle Samuel Cosmi.

Cosmi is a player who has tremendous upside. There are no limits to what he can be. He is a powerful blocker who could still put weight on. Cosmi has a strong anchor who doesn’t get pushed around easily. His hands are sticky and he has brilliant movement.

Cosmi’s tools are raw, but he has them to work with. He does still have questions to answer against power rushers. He can find himself in the ground a little too much in short space.

Despite his good movement, he can be slow getting to the second level and, on the occasion he does get pushed back, he can struggle in his recovery. Adding some weight will definitely help this and he has the body frame to add extra pounds. 

Cosmi is a developmental project who has all the talent and tool you want. He has all the raw tools to be successful in the NFL and will be one of the future stars.


Ben Cleveland participates in our future stars
Georgia Lineman Ben Cleveland. Image Credit: DALE ZANINE – Georgiabulldogs.com

Ben Cleveland is a savage of a player, playing on the inside of a good Georgia offensive line.

The lineman is a brutal gap power guard. He will absolutely beat up opposing lineman in the trenches. Cleveland is a physical specimen who should test really well. He is a freak athlete who is all muscle. 

Cleveland does perform best in the run game where he is able to use his strength to create running lanes. He uses his power off the line of scrimmage to hold his ground and his physical attributes give him good balance and control.

However, Cleveland doesn’t have the best agility or flexibility. He isn’t the best lateral mover and he is definitely better suited to a run heavy offense.

Cleveland has had some issues academically, meaning he has missed games in the last 3 seasons. Cleveland has said he has put this behind him, but teams will be looking for him to clean this up and get a full season under his belt. 

Georgia will need to establish the run to get success against Florida and Cleveland will have a pivotal role in initiating a successful running game. 

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Feature Image Credit: University of Oregon Athletics


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